Biden: Putin Thought NATO Was ‘Exploding’ But He Was Wrong

AB Productions | Source: AP


“NATO is stronger, more dynamic and more united than ever,” said US President Joe Biden, speaking at Vilnius University. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hope that NATO would “break up” in 2022 has not come true, he says. “Putin thought democratic leaders were weak. But he was wrong.” Biden said Putin has a “cowardly urge” to amass land and power.

Speaking after a two-day NATO summit in the Lithuanian capital, Biden said the “fate of democracy” in the world was at stake in the coming years. According to him, how the US and its allies behave will be decisive. He spoke about challenges like climate crisis and inclusive economy. “Only if we work together can we bring this to a successful conclusion.”

Nearly 10,000 people attended the US President’s speech. Political analysts see the performance as a campaign moment ahead of the 2024 US presidential election. Biden wants to present himself as a solid leader with extensive foreign policy experience.

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