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Biden and Trump released new ads. We actually tested both of them.

Biden’s campaign introduces two ads in war states, One Focuses on easing social tension in the United States Another Attacks management on Social Security funds.
President Donald Trump’s campaign Advertising Puts forward the notion that the worst parts of the epidemic are behind us. It focuses on vaccine development and job creation, while reopening schools, continuing high-level lawsuits and 11.5 million jobs Still lost in epidemics.

Take a look at some of the misleading guidelines in this ad blitz.

Social security

Biden says in one of his advertisements that Trump “proposes to eliminate almost half the tax.” [of] Social security with no way to make up for lost income. ”

Biden cites Trump’s comments on the wage tax, which, according to the Social Security Administration, Account For 89% of Social Security income in 2019.

First facts: While it is true that Trump has recommended the removal of the pay tax, his comments are confusing. He said he would forgive any deferred payroll tax and remove the tax altogether. Trump has suggested that the economic growth tax will offset the cost of elimination, which is highly questionable.

On August 8, Trump signed Administrative action To allow employers to suspend the payroll tax of certain employees – viz 6.2% of their salary. It also opened up the possibility of forgiving the deferred tax on the road.
CNN Announced, Many business leaders have argued against Trump’s drive to postpone wage taxes, arguing that workers would have to pay higher taxes if implemented.
The Office of Social Security Administration of the Commonwealth recently a Analysis Removal of payroll tax at the request of Democratic senators. It found that the Social Security Trust could cut funding by 2023 without new sources of revenue.

“Stop Wage Tax”

At an August 12 press conference, he said that if Trump is re-elected, “we will cut the wage tax, so it will be more than $ 5,000 per family.”

At an earlier press conference, Trump said that if elected, “all deferred wage taxes, in no way, in any form or form, will affect Social Security – money will come entirely from public funds.”

Then, John Roberts of Fox News asked Trump, “If you abolished the payroll permanently, how would you pay for Social Security?”

“We take it out of public funds,” Trump said, then suggesting that “huge” economic growth would offset the loss of wage taxes.

As the public fund already owes trillions of dollars, the payroll tax brings in more than one Third in federal revenue, Some see Trump’s hope that economic growth will do Refund These are awesome.

In addition, only Congress can stop the wage tax, which is unclear, and the difficulty in mobilizing the Democrat-controlled House and Senate behind such a proposal makes it unclear how Trump will get out of the tax by the end of this year.

There are White House staff Argued That doesn’t mean Trump will work to eliminate the payroll tax altogether, but forgive the deferred payroll tax.

‘Close this’

After announcing improvements in vaccine trials and work numbers, the Trump campaign Advertising “But Joe Biden wants to change that,” he says, and reads Biden’s clip, “I’ll close it.”

“Why do we allow Pita to kill countless American businesses, jobs and our economic future?” The ad continues.

First facts: This is incorrect. Biden responded to an imaginary situation, not proposing a national strike.

The clip comes from an ABC interview on August 21, where Biden was asked what he would do if experts told him to close the country if he were president. Biden said, “I’ll close it and ask the scientists.”

You can read the entire exchange Here.

Biden did not suggest that the United States should close now. In addition, the president cannot unilaterally close the country. They can provide guidance and take other action, but their power to control what states impose is limited.

CNN’s Tara Subramaniam contributed to this article.

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