Best Prime Day 2020 deals for less than $ 50: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K for $ 30, Echo Dot for $ 19

This is part of the story Amazon Prime Day, Everything you need to know about CNED’s guide and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Amazon Prime Day Runs on Oct. 13 and 14, and has best selling options under sale 50, i.e. $ 25 Blink Mini, $ 20 Echo Auto and more. I will be updating this page regularly as new deals are coming in, so check out this place for the best and most affordable sales on this Prime Day.

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Smart home deals

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Amazon wants to put Alexa in your car. Is it worth $ 50? Not worth $ 20? May be. Echo Auto reviews are very mixed because the price is very high and you can do somewhat similar voice-powered things with Google Assistant or Siri on your phone. (I can’t say I’m wild about wires.)

If you are interested in trying it out, I hope this is the lowest price of the post (a lot). Read our Amazon Echo Hands on First tag.

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Amazon’s pint-sized smart speaker, the third 50 third-gen Amazon Echo Dot, is now on sale for $ 19. Like other Alexa speakers, Echo Dot answers your questions about the weather, controls compatible smart home devices and much more with simple voice commands.

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Amazon’s Echo Flex is a brilliant portable gadget that combines Alexa into a modular smart plug design. This plug can be connected to various enhancements such as LED clock, motion sensor or night light. To get this little device, Alexa’s Smart is all for just $ 10 is a solid deal.

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The Blink Mini sells for $ 25 when ordering via the Amazon app or site, but if you have an Alexa-equipped device, use your voice to order it for $ 15. (“Alexa, order a glowing mini indoor camera.”)

This puts the camera below the CNET-favorite Wise Game (plus 20 and ship). Both models work well, although the latter includes free cloud storage, which does not blink.

However, by the end of 2020 you will get a free Blink Cloud-storage test, and the upcoming Blink Sync Volume 2 will give you unsubscribed local storage for just $ 35.

Another great option: Available The Pink Mini is bundled with an Echo Show 5 for just $ 50. The total retail value of these two is $ 125!

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Streaming contracts

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K usually costs $ 50, but it currently sells for $ 30 on Prime Day. This 4K media streaming kit includes Alexa voice remote.

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This is Rogue’s most basic streaming player. It usually costs $ 30, but is available for just $ 21 on Prime Day. It can’t handle 4K HDR streaming, but works well otherwise. Read our Rogue Express (2019) review.

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Rogue Premiere usually sells for $ 40, but last $ 27. It takes the basics from Express HD and adds the ability to handle 4K HDR content. read more.

Sarah Duo / CNET

The Rogue Streaming Stick Plus sells for $ 50, but is available for $ 37 (off 13 off) on Prime Day. Unlike the Premiere and Express HD versions, the Streaming Stick Plus connects to TVs with HDMI ports – and can stream up to 4K.

Read the review.

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Amazon Prime Day 2020: Everything you need to know


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