Best deals we found this week: Early Prime Day deals and many more

Buy Echo Dot (2-Pack) on Amazon – $ 40

Amazon Fire TV Recast (Initial Prime Day Deal)


Prime members can catch it too Fire TV Restoration, Company cord-cutter DVR, $ 100 less. This lowers the starting price to 9 129, which is the lowest of all time. Re-broadcasting is specifically for broadcasting – it connects to the antenna and does not have a cable TV tuner. Stem Hackers can use this to receive live games and local news and record that content for viewing at any time.

Buy Fire TV Recoost on Amazon – 9 129

IPod Pro

Apple iPod Pro

Chris Velasco / Engadget

A couple 2020 iPod Pro Models are being discounted by $ 50 on Amazon, especially the 12.9-inch iPod Pro (WiFi, 128GB) which is now 49,949. An 11-inch tablet (WiFi, 256GB) is for sale 49 849. These are the most powerful iPods you can get now and they have some upgrades from previous models, including the new Ultravide camera and lidar sensor.

Buy 12.9 Inch iPod Pro (128GB) on Amazon – 49 949

Buy the 11-inch iPod Pro (256GB) on Amazon – 49 849

Airboats with wireless charging case

Apple Airports

Chris Velasco / Engadget

That’s Apple Airboats with wireless charging case It is now 1 151 on Amazon. We have seen $ 140 in the past and this is the best deal we have seen since the beginning of August. We gave these airports Score 84 For their improved wireless performance, good battery life and the added convenience of wireless charging.

Buy Airports on Amazon – 1 151

Adding new contract

Audible Annual Plan (Initial Prime Day Agreement)

Prime members can Save $ 50 on an audible annual plan, Reduces the price from $ 150 to $ 100. This is a rare deal that only comes out once or twice a year, making it a great opportunity to try out the service to any of the prime members who are currently listening. Members only have access to the sale and you will already receive 12 credits for use with any audiobook in the service’s library, except for unlimited listening to original podcasts and more.

Buy on Amazon (Annual Plan) – $ 100

Ufy Spaceview Baby Monitor

The Baby Monitor It is ours Dads and Degrees Gift Guide Again it drops to $ 120, which is $ 40 from its normal price. The camera provides 330 degree field view of your child’s space and the monitor’s 5-inch, 720p display makes it easy to see all of the Xenonics they receive. But the best feature is that it is a completely local device, so you do not have to worry about hackers spying on you.

Buy the SpaceView Baby Monitor on Amazon – $ 120

Master & Dynamic Sales

New sales of Master & Dynamic Company Using the code helps save 25 percent when spending $ 250 or more PICKMEUP In update. This is a good opportunity to save on the company’s usually expensive headphones and earplugs, especially if you want to improve your current audio status. The sale will last until October 5th.

Shop Master & Dynamic Sales

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