Bellator 245 Results: Bill Davis gets a split decision on Liodo Machida, cat Ginkano scares late

Bill Davis And Leoto Machida Went back to the judges.

The former light heavyweight champions reconsidered from them UFC163 Seven years ago, Davis made the unanimous decision at a key event at the Mologan Sun Arena in Con Ancosville on Friday night, which was the subject of controversy at the first meeting.

After spending another 15 minutes together, Davis took a lead in the series on another intimate affair.

Both fighters were very cautious at the start as they each hit with one leg and body kicks. Davis landed a nice head kick around the halfway point of the round that Machida ate, then responded on his own. Kick exchanges continued throughout the round, with Davis setting up his wrestling later rounds using a variety of funds.

Davis opened the second round with a hard kick to the body. “Mr. Wonderful” will land at Machida’s feet and try to defeat the former UFC champion in his own game. Forced, what appeared to be, was Machida’s ace.Davis catches a Machida body kick, almost got downgraded at the end of the round.Machida clearly came out with a fence grip or two.

The pace did not change much to start the final stanza. Davis and Machida both hit with hard kicks. Within three minutes of going, Machida landed a clean one-two mix, followed by the left hand. After Davis landed his right hand, Machida landed a leg kick, to which Davis responded. The final minute of the fight and Machida faces a big right-handed Davis leg kick. Machida’s other hard leg kick changed the pace a bit. Machida’s high kick lands just before the final hour.

In the end, Davis advanced to the series 2-0 with a split result.

Cat tables The first blatter scares too late to win

Co-hosted the event, he witnessed the long-awaited Platter introduction of Cat Jingano Gabriel Holloway. In the opening round the two women initially exchanged big shots. Jingano was able to land a difficult low for over a minute, spending the remaining rounds upstairs.

After the second big round for Jingano, Holloway changed fortunes in the third round. After an initial lowering of the ginkgo, the hollow came back to its feet and then finished in its full mount position, lowering a speed of the elbows before wiping the ginkgo and coming back up. Holloway tried to get her legs back one last time, but Jingano pulled her back and pulled her back, striking until the final count of the hour.

Jingano scored a pair of 30-26 scorecards and 29-27 points.

The most popular opportunity Ed Ruth Returned to the middleweight division for the first time in almost three years, but Taylor Johnson Ruth did not give him a warm welcome by submitting via foot lock within a minute.

Main card opener in between Raymond Daniels And Peter Stanonic The second match of the night ended at the end due to accidental hip strikes. Daniels landed a series of kicks below the belt as referee Jason Herzog rocked the fight.

Take a full look Pelatter 245 Results below:

Main card

Bill Davis Def. Lioto Machida via split end (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Cat Ginkgo Def. Gabriel Holloway by consensus (29-27, 30-26 x2)

Taylor Johnson Def. Ed Ruth (Heel Hook) via Submission (R1, 0:59)

Raymond Daniels vs. Peter Stanonic No match (two accidental shots to the waist) (R2, 1:00)

Preliminary card

Alex Police Def. Rafael Carvalho Via consensus result (30-27 x3)

Leslie Smith Def. Amanda Bell Via consensus result (29-28 x3)

Tyrell Fortune vs. Jack May Declared no match (accidental knee to hip) (R1, 2:42)

Keith Lee Def. Vinicius Johnny Via consensus (30-27, 29-28 x2)

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