Auburn Football Live: The Game of Georgia

A week after speaking, “coach speaking,” preview, speculation and anticipation, the No. 7 Auburn and 4th Georgia have a top-10 slope on us. It’s time for football in Athens, with the Tigers looking to break a 15-year defeat.

Did you miss any injury updates or tips before kicking? Take a look at ours Freecam notebook, With observations and tips (including information on Georgia’s quarterback status and Auburn’s COVID-19 numbers) Auburn UndercoverTeam of reporters.

The Tigers and Bulldogs are expected to kick off after the CST at 6:30 p.m. Isn’t it through your TV to capture action on ESPN? Update this page every few minutes for live game updates, plays, turnover, injuries and more. Join the conversation with other Auburn Die Hearts Boda ghetta message board.

In the third quarter

  • 0:00 3Q: Knicks’ program-record streak of relentless pass attempts ends in the last play of the third quarter. Auburn re-entered the UGA territory before Mark Webb came to the exam.
  • 5:55 3Q: Georgia loads another long drive and enters Auburn’s 10-yard line, but the Tigers’ defense is incomplete in the third and goal. Bulldogs converts short domain target. Georgia 27, Auburn 6.
  • 10:09 2Q: Auburn enters Georgia’s 30-yard line, but the Knicks are third and long overdue. Carlson joins the 45-yard field goal. Georgia 24, Auburn 6.
  • 12:40 3Q: Auburn came into the Georgia frontier in the first half of the second half thanks to a great finish to Seth Williams.

Second quarter

  • Half: Georgia 24, Auburn 3. Total Yards: Auburn 81, Georgia 288. Quick Yards: Auburn 27, Georgia 130. Third Downs: Auburn 1-to-6, Georgia 6-to-9.
  • 0:25 2Q: Auburn forces a pussy, and there will be a shot at more points in 25 seconds for up to half an hour. The Tigers started on their own 18th.
  • 1:38 2Q: Auburn stalls in Georgia’s 3-yard line. The 65-yard drive ends with the Tigers’ first points on a short Anders Carlson field goal. Georgia 24, Auburn 3.
  • 3:49 2Q: Georgia’s defenseman Richard Leigh III, All-American, is called upon to target Auburn receiver Shedrik Jackson in the red zone for the third and longest time. After an inspection, he was ejected and Auburn is within the 10-yard line.
  • 4:40 2Q: Auburn finally works in the UGA area. Tigers in the red zone after the big drama of the real newcomer running back to Tank Pixby.
  • 6:26 2Q: There are no answers to Auburn’s defense. The 49-yard pass from Bennett to Gioris Jackson gets Georgia back into the red zone, and White gets his second quick touchdown. Giorica 24, Auburn0.
  • 9:08 2Q: After battling Arkansas last week, Georgia’s run game reached 100 yards, not even running through the middle of the second quarter.
  • 9:53 2Q: Another three for Auburn and out. The Tigers are just below the top 11 in Georgia tonight.
  • 11:08 2Q: Georgia lands on the field again. Bennett concedes 21-yard touchdowns once again to Auburn George Begins for another third and longer. Georgia 17, Auburn 0.

First quarter

  • Quarter End: Total Yards: Auburn 39, Georgia 130. Third Downs: Auburn 0-to-3, Georgia 4-to-6.
  • 4:00 1Q: Georgia drives 59 yards in 11 games, throwing Auburn’s defensive lead to the ground. But Auburn creates a stand with five straight imperfections within his own 5-yard line, resulting in a Georgia field goal. Georgia 10, Auburn 0.
  • 8:03 1Q: Another three for the Tigers and out. Two straight third and long Bo Knicks tried to change the throw on the run.
  • 9:31 1Q: Two-thirds and long after Bennett’s hands have been replaced, Georgia runs back to Jameer White for a 1-yard touchdown run. Georgia 7, Auburn0.
  • 12:27 1Q: Auburn safety smoke emitted for Monday target. Auburn is already missing Cornerback Jail’s Simpson tonight.
  • 12:36 1Q: The third downward deflected pass goes to the first and third outs.
  • 14:09 1Q: Auburn’s defense gets three and out in the first series against Stetson Bennett and the Bulldogs.
  • 14:54 1Q: Kenny McIntosh with a big income to start the UGA game. The Bulldogs will start on their own 43rd.
  • 15:00 1Q: Toss wins and Auburn postpones second half. Let’s look at Georgia’s crime first. Let’s play ball.

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