AstraZeneca corona virus vaccine clinical trials resume in the UK after suspension for safety reasons

Building of Astrogeneka in Luton, UK.

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The third phase of tests for AstraZeneca’s corona virus vaccine has resumed in the UK, which were halted earlier this week for safety reasons. The company announced Saturday.

AstraZeneca says it has received confirmation from the UK Drugs Health Regulatory Authority that it is safe to resume clinical trials. The company declined to release medical information about the suspension of the investigation, but indicated earlier this week that an undiagnosed illness was under investigation.

The company said on September 6 that the “standard review process triggered a voluntary suspension” for all global trials so that independent groups and internal regulators could review security data. Although trials may now resume in the UK, the status of trials elsewhere is unclear.

“The company will continue to work with health officials around the world, and will guide when other clinical trials can begin to make the vaccine more widespread, equitable and of no benefit during these outbreaks,” AstraZeneca said in a statement.

The University of Oxford, which developed the vaccine in collaboration with AstraZeneca, said on Saturday that about 18,000 people have been vaccinated so far.

“In such large trials, some participants are expected to be unwell and each case must be carefully evaluated to ensure safety is carefully assessed,” Oxford said in a statement.

Earlier this week, STAT News reported that AstroZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot had said during a private conference A woman in the UK developed an “unexplained disease” that showed neurological symptoms similar to those of spina bifida. The call was made by Investment Bank J.P. STAT reports that Morgan has set up.

At the same call, Soriot also confirmed that clinical trials of AstraZeneca had been discontinued before July after a participant experienced neurological symptoms, but the diagnosis was found to be unrelated to the vaccine.

AstraZeneca’s potential corona virus vaccine, known as AZD1222, is one of the leaders in the race for a safe and effective vaccine that can put a dentist against a global epidemic. The company launched its last phase of testing in late August. It is also one of at least three vaccine candidates, along with Pfizer and Moderna, in late stage trials.

The United States has invested more than $ 10 billion In six attempts to bring a corona virus vaccine to market. On May 21, the United States announced it would invest $ 1.2 billion in AstraZeneca’s effort in exchange for a minimum dose of $ 300 million if the candidate is proven safe and competent enough.

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