Astra’s first attempt to reach orbit ends early after the rocket fails in mid-flight

The first orbital mission for the Rocket Launch Launch Astra was completed without reaching its Rocket 3.1 orbit. The rocket was successfully launched from the Pacific spaceport complex in Alaska at 11:19 pm on Friday, but the company said its guidance system had “introduced a slight oscillation in the aircraft”, causing the rocket to deviate from its planned trajectory. The air defense system shut down the engines and the rocket fell to the ground again. It does not carry any loads.

One viewer caught the launch in the video, showing the rocket climbing. In the shots, you can see the flames as the rocket’s engine stops in the middle of the plane and a few minutes later the rocket hits the ground.

Of the company The goal was stated with this aircraft The nominal first phase is to burn, which has not apparently happened since the engine shut down. But Astra has no plans to reach orbit with this launch. It says that its initial data showed that the rocket performed very well.

“We did not meet all our objectives, but we gained valuable experience and valuable aviation data.” The company said in a blog post on Saturday. “This launch paves the way for us to reach orbit within two extra planes, so we’re happy with the result.”

Astra is a very small group – it says it does not have a video production team to broadcast its launches – and claims that its release system was created by six people within a week. Astra says its Rocket 3.2 is ready and plans to launch another in the next few months.

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