Arizona has reported 355 new corona virus cases and 1 death

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Sunday, Oct. 4 This is a constantly updated story with the latest information, news and updates about the corona virus and its impact in Arizona and beyond.

PHOENIX – Arizona health officials reported 355 new corona virus cases and an additional death Sunday morning.

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, this is the state’s recorded total of 220,754 COVID-19 infections and 5,706 deaths.

Many of the key measurements of Arizona’s epidemic severity are at their lowest levels in months.

The number of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 hospital inpatients in Arizona fell to 545 on Saturday and 60 from 605 on Friday.

The number of COVID-19 patients in the ICU beds was 133 on Saturday, the highest since September 17, but the infection-low score did not exceed 114.

COVID-19 inpatients rose to 3,517 on July 13, while COVID-19 patients in ICU beds rose to 970.

Arizona’s weekly percentage for the COVID-19 diagnostic test will be 4% for the fifth week in a row, with 45,369 trials recorded so far this week.

The positive rate indicating how much the virus is spreading in the community was as high as 20% at the end of June.

Weekly rates are based on when samples are taken, not when they are reported, so labs get stuck in testing and results fluctuate in recent weeks, and results are documented by the state.

Arizona Department of Health Daily reports After obtaining the current case, death and test data state statistics and confirming them, it will be several days or more behind. In the last 24 hours they did not indicate actual activity.

However, the hospitalized information posted each morning is reported by the previous evening hospitals.

The seven-day average of the state health department’s newly reported cases was 510.43 since Saturday Tracking Wrote the Associated Press, which has been relatively stable over the past week.

The seven-day average of newly announced deaths was 11.86 on Saturday, the third time between June 10 and 17.

The seven-day case average rose to 3,844 on July 6, and the death toll rose to 94 on July 30.

As cases rose in June, local governments in many parts of Arizona – including Marigopa County – enforced masking requirements, and the government issued statewide administrative orders to close some businesses and restrict restaurants.

The prevalence of COVID-19 is rapidly declining and steadily declining from the peak of the epidemic. Much of the state has been hit by restrictions established by the health department that allow certain departments to reopen under capacity restrictions and other regulations.

COVID-19, a disease caused by the corona virus novel, does not cause any harm to some, and it weakens or is dangerous to others. People affected without Symptoms – These include coughs, fevers and difficulty breathing – they are capable of transmitting the virus.

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