April’s best series is free and not on Netflix and Disney+

Forget Succession, Ted Lasso And The Mandalorians. The best series of the moment is not on Netflix, Disney+ or HBO Max. No, you can watch it completely for free, but you have to do something for it.

With the best series, we immediately tell ourselves that we can only see them on major streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+. However, this is not necessary at all. This proves Legal Department Right now. It’s a big hit in the US and is available for free to everyone.

This is the comedy series Legal Department

Legal Department is currently the big hit in the United States. The comedy series created by the creators of Office And bad trip is very high in the popularity lists. Something Netflix or Disney+ would love to have.

Legal Department is kind of a weird candid camera show. We follow Ronald Gladden who has been called to serve as a juror in a trial in the United States. What he doesn’t know is that everything around him is fake. The trial is completely rigged and the judges, lawyers and fellow jurors are all actors.

You might be thinking, “How could Gadden fall in love with this when there’s a camera in his face the whole time?” The series creators convinced him that they wanted to make a documentary series about the jury trial.

The situations in this series are bizarre yet believable at the same time. It’s actually reality made in serial form. A new kind of genre that turns out to work very well. Something that the creators of Office (which you’ll find on Netflix) also did so at the time with a series in documentary form, the so-called Mockumentary.

Legal Department is currently catchy IMDb. He manages to score an 8.6 there. Something that Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+ will of course be jealous of. On Rotten Tomatoes, however, things are a little different. There, the series gets 60% of the reviews. However, viewers walk away with 98%.

Freevee, instead of Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+

As we said Legal Department currently not available on any major streaming service such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+. You can find it on Freevee, a streaming service you’ve probably never heard of. And that makes sense because the streaming service isn’t in the Netherlands yet.

Freevee is a free alternative to Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max. The streaming service derives its revenue solely from ad revenue, so users don’t have to pay.

Freevee is owned by Amazon and currently only operates in the United States and Germany. state unfortunately Legal Department not on Prime Video or Disney+, but it is still possible to watch the series in the Netherlands.

Jury duty Freevee Netflix Disney+
Freevee. (Image: Freevee)

Because Freevee is completely free, you have no problem paying. All you have to do to access the streaming service is use a VPN. Set your location to USA or Germany and you’re done good to go. So you can ignore Disney+ for a while.

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The best series of the moment is neither on Netflix nor on Disney+ and is completely free

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