Apple no longer sells Intel based MacBook Airs or two ports Intel MacBook Pro

Apple today announced three brand new Macs powered by its new M1 Arm based CPUs: 13 inch MacBook Air, A 13 inch MacBook Pro, And A Mac Mini. But now that the new Macs are here, Apple has begun to remove some of its Intel-based Macs from its product line. Modified here:

  • The MacBook Air Now Only Apple is available with silicon chips. MacBook Air can no longer be purchased with an Intel CPU. The new MacBook Air starts with configurations at 99,999 and 24,249.
  • You can still buy one 13 inches MacBook Pro With the Intel CPU, but those models are only available at the high end of the price spectrum. The M1-based 13-inch MacBook Pro replaces the previous entry-level MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt ports and starts at 2 1,299 and 4 1,499. Intel processors 7 power up configurations starting at 1,799 and 99,999, and have four Thunderbolt ports.
  • The Mac Mini Intel still offers configurations with CPUs, but only on the high end. M1-based versions of the Mac Mini start at 99 699 and 99 899, while Intel CPUs power configurations starting at 0 1,099.

The new Maxes announced today were first introduced as part of that Apple’s two-year change From Intel chips to its own hand-made silicone. The 16-inch MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro and Mac Pro are powered by Intel processors.

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