‘Apex Legends’ changes seven season battle pass after players complain

Under the old system, a lot of your progress came from directly contributing to your battle pass level with killing XP points, time survival, revival and other sporting activities. A New “simplified” approach To get rid of it, players choose the set of stars they need to open to move from one level to the next, and when XP is a part of it, moving the bar itself is not enough.

With the start of season seven, players complained that even playing several hours a day was not enough to make significant progress. The amount of play that used even five or ten level improvements is now only a maximum of two or three. In addition, it can be difficult to open up challenges such as finishing in the top five in five ranking games or responding to 60 team players, and only half will be rewarded at one level.

In posts on Twitter, Reddit And they estimated that opening YouTube full items would require playing several hours a day each day and pursuing goals set as daily and weekly challenges rather than playing the game casually.

Now the Apex Legends team has tweeted that, with immediate effect, the amount of XP needed to earn a star has been halved from 10,000 to 5,000. Starting next week, they said, “the weekly challenges will take much less time to complete.”

In a follow-up tweet, they explained that the goals for the new organization are “to keep you engaged throughout the season (and) to encourage you to try new legends and play styles”. I can appreciate it as a player of the game, but the new system went either by forcing users to play as a hero they don’t like or by choosing rare weapons to complete challenges. The old war pass system worked well, and these changes bring it back to where it should have been.

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