Animeniax: Waco, Yako & Dot Spoof Jurassic Park in the First Hulu Restart Clip

It’s time for Aaanimaaaniacs! They’re gone, but now they’re back – all digital this year New York Comic Con The chat proved that they are still max. In fact, it’s cold for Hulu’s upcoming renaissance Animenox, Steven Spielberg’s love letter to the Tonons of the Golden Age of Animation in the 1990s, proving that Warner Bros. and their sister Todd missed a beat.

The clip aired as part of an NYCC group on the upcoming series (which airs on November 20, six days after the 22nd anniversary of the original show) and includes everything fans of the original series expect from the show: insidious pop culture hints that a healthy boycott of the fourth wall, “clean, Oriented Outer Lines ”and a sense of humor about the world and the show – now in widescreen format! (Find the clip at 18:40.)

The band discovered vocal talents from the original series with great enthusiasm and still holds a ball with the characters, the show’s staff – referred to here by newcomer Shoranner Wellesley Wilde and co-executive producer Cape Swar – each other. They’re positive that fans will like it too, and it’s not because the characters are protected. Waco’s voice, Jess Hornell, said the joke too.

“Fun is fun,” Hornell said. “I once met Fris Freeleng, one of the original Warner Bros. legends, and I asked, ‘What do you think is the secret to those cartoons?’ He said two things: ‘First, they’re fun. Second, we did not make them for children – we made them for adults.’ ‘

Rob Paulson, who gives voice to Yako and Pinky, noted that Freeling’s orders were shot on the original show and in turn resumed. “It simply came to our notice then. 25 years ago, as we all know, ethics from above should not be complied with, ”he said. “That’s why you can see bugs after 75 years, and ‘Kill Wapit!’ Not only Wagner, it’s perfectly relevant, and Wellesley has the same ethics. ”

For Wilde, the animation question behind how to make a series lovable Animenox Returning to life is easy: “Why mess with characters that have lasted so long?” He added: “When the show was 20 years ago, you could walk down the street and see someone in a pinky and brain shirt. It speaks to the simplicity and depth of the characters, and how fun the show is, how fun it is. Some nostalgia, some comfort and some brilliance – I think people need it now. “

“Don’t forget our beautiful song,” Todd McNeill, Todd’s voice, pointed out.

Image: Hulu

Hornell noted that the original series was music, with parody and satire, and, in particular, Broadway-style music known for its numbers. They will be written by a new generation of composers trained by the show’s original scorer, Richard Stone, and Randy Rogel, and will continue to write songs for the 1990s series. Pop culture resonates throughout the landscape And Encourage their own jokes.

If you have a big trip from the panel, the show will actually be taken where it left off. There will be no sequel to the Anthology series, but the hope is to build the show on the foundations of its predecessors. Steven Spielberg was a huge defender in bringing back key actors.

“From the beginning, Mr. Spielberg said, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, no, this is not about getting, as the brain says, Peter Dinglage should be the brain and Russell the brand Pinky.’ The King of Hollywood says, ‘We do this. If so, it’s with Tress, Jess, Maurice and Rob.

Todd holds Steven Spielberg in an anime Jurassic Park parody

Image: Hulu

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some changes. There is a new showrunner, the cartoons now run in widescreen format. Also, Swar teased, some differences from the original animation style of the show. “We really like a lot of shows that are visually different, so we tried to bring it to the show,” he said. “It felt like the original show was all drawn the same way. Our show really breaks it down.”

The goodwill between the actors was not broken and they all seemed to have a ball together, even on the zoom. After all, the actors continued to perform live with Rogel for many years Animeniax at the concert Series. But the joy everyone felt at the opportunity to work together again was clear.

“There’s a wonderful thing here about our first day’s work,” said Maurice Lamarch, the voice of the brain. “I woke up [that day] And, ‘You know what, I’m going to wear my pinky t-shirt today to show Rob how much I support him and how much I love him.’ I have a pinky shirt. We pull a lot, and when Rob gets out of his car, he’s got a brain shirt. ”

For Paulson, it was clear that the series did not feel like some Hollywood remake. According to him, this is the real deal. “There were world-class talents on both sides of the mirror, but we had to double down on moving the cast – you know, music microphones,” he said, recalling recording sessions from the original series. “I looked at Tress and held her hand and said,‘ Honey, this is as good as it gets. Take a picture of this. ‘After 25 years, you, sitting next to Tress in the first recording session, I really said,‘ I was wrong. This is the best. ‘”

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