Angela Hill loses UFC Vegas 10

To Angela Hill, The history-making headline is not enough to minimize the loss of the second straight split result.

After failing to convince Two of the three judges In UFC Vegas10 The main event is the opposite Michael Waterson, Senior Strawight plans to make some drastic changes to his style.

“Every time I felt close to a fight like this, or I felt like I was being robbed, man, a downgrade would have created a different world, and because of the MMA score, I think it’s a big thing, I have to sit down and work,” Hill said. Told reporters After Saturday’s event at UFC Apex. “Even if I don’t get a fight right now, I think I’m going to grind it. Instead of doing it, I’m actually doing it to get people down and try to pound on the ground.”

Watson scored 48-47 and 49-46 five minutes back and forth against Hill. In the third round, Watson’s cropping and ground control were the deciding factors. Hill struggled with most of the downgrade attempts, but they also had the effect of making her more reluctant in her strike, which allowed Watson to take more points on his feet.

A pure kickboxer who once entered the UFC, once again with a fight, Hill’s development as a mixed martial artist is clearly visible to anyone who follows her. But more recently, he has struggled to turn that evolution into success on the scorecards.

“It sucks, man,” said a weary Hill. “I end up in this position, where I get everyone to finish and finish, and it doesn’t go my way.

“I felt like I was doing a lot of damage in the fight. I knew I missed the third round because I couldn’t get up, I felt bad about kicking her in the face, but I was aiming for the chest. In the fourth, I didn’t go far enough; I was a little too worried about the downgrade. , I finally said, ‘F * ck it’ and did everything I had to do in the fourth round. I still don’t get that fifth round. ”

Hill felt the stick of defeat more strongly than in his previous fight, which was a split end loss Claudia Cadelha Where 13 of the 17 MMA media members Gave her victory.

“I feel like this fight was much closer than the Kadelha fight, which came when the strikes came,” he said. “I thought this fight was closer than the last fight, but I felt like I did more damage. It sucks that I’m on the verge of losing again. I need to take the b * tches down and start hugging more.”

As soon as he read the result, Hill said his first thought was to leave the game. But the UFC leader Dana White And then spoke to her from the end. At a post-event press conference, White stumped both fighters and announced that there were no losers.

That hope ensures that Hill will continue to receive fights in the future. The title space is also an honor; This allowed her to make history as the first black woman to headline the UFC event. On stage Hill had the opportunity to talk about his beloved Black Lives Matter close to his heart in pre-fight interviews.

“I was really nervous about it because I knew how much people would touch me,” he said. “People know how to call snowflakes snowflakes. They don’t like it when you say black. I know I need to stay away from social media to have a clear head and focus on the fight. But I felt it was important to do that. I also talked to the brother and made sure the things I said were the things I had to say.

“It was exciting to have that focus. I’m definitely one of those people who travels under the radar type when it comes to things like that.

The next time she leaves, Hill’s primary plan is to do what she has to do to succeed. That is, her adoption of a part of the game is only accepted as part of her business.

Hill, known for its short notice fights, did not plan to let his feet out of the gas when it came to his career. He travels to Abu Dhabi for the next round of Fight Island, and will look for opportunities that will allow him to climb above 115 pounds.

“I’m ready to be there, I don’t think there are any fights on those cards, but I’m going to check,” he said.

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