An Australian man has been jailed for stamping on a pregnant Muslim woman

Four-year-old Rana Elasmer was 38 weeks pregnant when the attack took place last November CNN Co-Nine News. As Stip Losina approached his desk, he was in a Sydney cafe, wearing a hijab.

After talking briefly with him, Losina stabbed Elasmer several times and stumbled in his head when he fell to the ground. Elasmar’s friends and other hosts jumped out of their seats to control him.

Losina is said to have made a racist remark before the unprovoked attack, According to nine messages. Elasmer told Nine News that he was focused on protecting his unborn child.

He and she sustained minor injuries in the attack The son was unharmed.

“Australia is not the right country for you if you feel the right to physically or verbally abuse someone who is slightly different than you,” he told reporters outside the court last month.

Several months after the attack, Elasmer is still experiencing physical and psychological effects, his sister told CNN affiliate Seven News in June.
Losina pleaded guilty to the attack, but said it was not an Islamist or racist attack. “I do not hate them, but I do not associate with them. I have no business with them,” Losina told the court. According to nine messages.

Thursday, He was sentenced to a maximum of three years in prison, two years off parole.

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