American loses 26 pounds after 100 days of McDonald’s, three times a day

On social media, the Nashville resident has reported on his unorthodox diet in recent months. In February, he weighed 108 kilos, he said in a vlog: “And that’s absolutely not acceptable. That’s why I drove to McDonald’s. I’m not going to eat anything else for a hundred days .”

To add directly to that: “I’m not going to eat everything they give me, I’ll take half the meals.” On day 91, the American laughed in one of his videos: “If we fill up with more gas than can fit in the tank, it will end up on our hips.”

When the diet ended last week, Maginnis was invited NBC’s Today Show. There he said he ate no snacks between three junk food meals cut in half. “I ate everything on the menu. Quarter pounds, Big Macs, everything. Average meals, with fries.” He didn’t take soft drinks. “No water.”

don’t be sour

Maginnis, suitably dressed and with a very modest belly, says his cholesterol level has gone down. And by the way: “I used to have pdiabetes (precursor to type 2 diabetes) and now my values ​​are healthy.”

Although the American, who has gone viral on social media, looks like a walking McDonald’s advertisement, he says he has no connection or agreement with the fast food chain. For those struggling with excess pounds, he offers the following simple “formula”: “With half portions you lose weight, with three-quarters portions you keep the weight off. It doesn’t matter what you eat.”

So why did he choose this specific food? “I was a sturdy man and my last name is Maginnis. People called me Big Mag.”

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