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American Corona virus: Only three states report decline in new Covid-19 cases

As of Saturday night, new cases have dropped in Texas, Missouri and South Carolina, while cases have increased in 21 states, more than half of the previous week. From September 29 to October 3, there were an average of 46,500 cases a day – most cases between August 14-18 and the five-day period, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Climbing comes as the number of corona virus The President joined The More than 7.3 million Those who tested positive for Govit-19 in the United States are reminded of the virus’s access, as health experts urge people to remain vigilant during the fall and winter months.

Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Vermont.

The state Department of Health Services reported 2,892 new daily cases in Wisconsin on Saturday. The previous record was set at the beginning of the week. The state governor asked residents to “go back to the basics” to fight the virus.

“The uprisings we see across our state are not a sign that the masks are not working. It underscores what we said, and the masks will only work if everyone wears them,” Tony Evers said.

Many Wisconsin health departmentsAgencies, including the Brown County Department of Health in the Green Bay area, issued a public health emergency COVID-19 alert due to high COVID-19 cases, resulting in an increase in COVID-19-related hospitals and deaths, agencies said Saturday.

The increase in recent Govt-19 cases is hampering resources and affecting the ability to detect new cases, the warning warned.

A comprehensive approach

Despite a summer peak of about 67,000 in July, the seven-day average of new daily cases in the United States is about 42,400. The average is more than 20% higher than it was on September 12, according to health officials if the country wants to avoid a spike when the public goes home with the coming cold weather.

The New York City Department of Health announced on Friday that it had recorded more than 130,000 corona virus tests while monitoring four “clusters” in South Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Central Queens and Far Rockway.

In all, the government has administered a total of 11 million corona virus diagnostic tests in New York, Andrew Cuomo said.

But to get over the numbers, the United States needs a more “comprehensive approach.” Dr. Tom Bees, The former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.

“The test does not alter safety measures, including standard mask use, physical distance and hand washing,” Frieden said.

The Kentucky government’s Andy Bezier responded to 1,275 reported cases in a single day, demanding that everyone wear masks and a reminder that “we must do better.”

“We have to come back to enforce these rules because 1,275 cases will result in numerous deaths,” Bessier said in a video statement. He said his office would provide details on Monday on “how to enhance” mask enforcement.

Experts advise who should get vaccinated first

Many companies Conducting Covit-19 Vaccine Phase 3 trials In the United States, but when a safe and effective vaccine is available to the American people Remains uncertain.

Specialists advising the federal government, leading health workers and healthcare providers should be vaccinated first, followed by those at risk of serious illness due to basic health conditions.

A national science, engineering and medical committee said in a final report that older adults living in congregation organizations such as nursing homes should come next.

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But the group said local leaders should also give priority to vulnerable communities. Following a review of the group’s draft report released last month, it additionally did not mention minority communities that have been severely affected by the epidemic.

At each stage of vaccination, the panel recommends that authorities prioritize people in high-risk areas identified by a tool such as the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Code. The panel says the code uses U.S. census variables to identify communities in need of disaster support, which consider factors that put ethnic minorities at high risk for Govt-19.

The third phase proposes to vaccinate young people, children and those in occupations where people can get some protection, but there is a risk of exposure such as banks and universities.

The vaccine for children depends on whether a vaccine has been tested in that population. Pediatricians It recently called for the launch of the Govt-19 vaccine trials in children The population says it is “stuck in the middle”.

The final stage involves anyone who has not yet been vaccinated.

Admitted to hospital for the first time since July

As stated in it Govt Monitoring Project, The average number of people hospitalized for the corona virus in a week recently rose for the first time since July.

An average of 30,000 people were hospitalized this past week – an increase of 2.4% over the previous week, and the first jump after eight weeks of decline, the CDP said.

While daily deaths in the United States are still declining, the CDP says “the decline seems to have slowed.” Thursday blog post.
With no progress on the average daily Govt-19 cases last month, officials fear an impending crisis.
In Wisconsin, more than twice as many people were hospitalized last month, According to CTP.
In one area of ​​Wisconsin, a health expert warned the community “A crisis is approaching.”

“This spike we see in Brown County, Wisconsin should be an awakening call to anyone living here that our community is facing a crisis,” said Dr. Paul Casey, medical director of the emergency department at Belin Hospital. Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s seven-day new daily infections have risen in recent weeks, reaching its all-time high of 2,892 on Saturday from the 600s and lows of 700 at the end of August.

CNN’s Alta Spells, Jason Hannah, Gregory Lemos, Lauren Mascarenhas, Aditi Sankal and Amanda Watts contributed to the report.

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