AMD unveils Radeon RX6000 GPU design on Twitter – and at Fortnight

AMD’s last batch of new graphics cards, Midrange Radeon RX5700 Series, Did not show their designs or high performance – but it seems that the new Radeon RX6000 may indeed be a long-awaited replacement for Nvidia’s primary graphics cards.

When I say ‘looks’, I mean it’s very simple: However, AMD unveiled the design of its new card on Twitter today, and its three-fan, giant shield and dual 8-pin power connectors are part of what’s ready for the view.

It has a very refined look Its previous primary Radeon VII, Too.

Significantly, AMD allows you to see the entire render of the card on its own Fortnight Although we did not expect many surprises you may not already see in the island, the full, high-res film below:

Presented by Nvidia Similar teasing for its RTX 3090 design Forward Reveals its latest GPU, We took recently Long look at the RTX 3080 design As well as.

AMD should formally unveil the RX 6000 series At an event on October 28th, N 700 after Nvidia RTX 3080 ships, but before you buy the $ 500 RTX 3070, it is expected to arrive in October as well. AMD’s card can wait to see what kind of performance its sleeve has. New GPS Shares GPU architecture similar to PS5 and Xbox Series S & X, By.

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