Amazon is releasing new ball-shaped echo points starting at ball 50

Amazon has unveiled a new iteration of the Echo Dot, which was once the buck-shaped companion in the line of the great Echo smart speaker and is now a spherical smart speaker. The announcement was made during Amazon’s annual Alexa themed hardware event on Thursday afternoon. The new look fits New fourth generation standard Echo, Announced today.

This is technically the fourth generation point, not the fifth Small iteration of last year Only the LED display was added to display the time, temperature and other small details through the speaker cover.

Image: Amazon

However, the biggest distinctive feature of this time is the redesign of the entire Echo line, which converts the buck and cylinder designs of previous models into smaller and larger rounds, and now Amazon has begun to introduce in its later Echo models that include quality fabrics. Amazon is once again selling two models, a Cheap without built-in LED display And One more on display for $ 10.

In addition to the standard Echo points, Amazon is releasing one New Echo Dot Kids version This. Costing 59.99 and coming with a beautiful animal face design, it instills a sense of warmth and goodwill towards Alexa devices among young children (instead of cold ambiguity … or fear?

Image: Amazon

Fourth Generation Echo Dot Pre-order today for pre 49.99 October 22nd with shipping date. The one with the LED display will be shipped on November 5th for $ 59.99 and you can Pre-order it here. Kids version model Can’t send until December 9, Today with reservations. Costs 59.99.

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