Alvin Camara deal: Saints R.P. The new contract could require at least M15 million a year

The New Orleans Saints Missing one of their best attack weapons this week, the star is said to have no training camp undetected by running behind Alvin Camara. When NFL Network pointed out Kamara gets injured, Others have reported The absence of senior participation in follow-up procedures is contract-related. The three-time Pro Bowler is entering the final year of his rookie contract and will be at the top of New Orleans ’list when it comes to future lucrative extensions.

What does Camara demand from the Saints in a new covenant? Does running behind really have any alienation in the holdout? Can New Orleans even pay Camara more than the uncertain 2021 salary?

Let’s go inside and get some answers.

Does Kamara have forex in holdout?

Not really, at least in terms of soliciting a contract before the 2020 season. He follows in the footsteps of comrades like Kamara, avoiding the most impossible public fights Jamal Adams And Yannick Nagako to demand a trade, the Saints can stand the bat, R.P. His 37 2.37 million Find out before this year, then 2021 free agency.

Why? This is because, including parts of the 2020 season, if Camara is out for a long time, the new CBA will dictate that he will be forced to hand over the season he earned to the free company. In essence, he will become a banned free agent (and will be under the control of the Saints) by 2021. This is the same dilemma Minnesota Vikings R.P. Dolvin Cook Found himself this season; Both Cook and Viking want to hold a long-term contract, but both know time is on the team’s side.

Can the Saints buy the Kamara even for a big deal?

Yes. The NFL will have to bear huge financial losses and, thus, the 2021 pay cap, which has been slashed amid the Govt-19 epidemic, will keep teams tight in space following 2020. This is especially true for the Saints, who are expected to be one of the most affected by a hat cut-down. But the truth is, the extension can work if they want to.

It may take some hat storage cuts in 2021, but there are candidates for it: WR Emmanuel Sanders (M 6M storage), c Nick Easton ($ 6M), D.T. Malcolm Brown ($ 5M). The Saints have a history of reloading large contracts. If Kansas City Chiefs, Against this year’s hat, can give Patrick Mahoms 10 year, 3 503M extension and Chris Jones A four-year, M 80M deal, then the Saints can find a way to lock the camera for a long time.

What will Camara command in the new contract?

Only he and his representative can decide where to plant their flag in negotiations, but there is a reasonable argument Kamara To Command At least 15 million per season In the extension.

First, let us outline the inevitable objections:

  1. But no one wants to pay so much for running backs!
  2. But Camara didn’t even run behind a “full time”!
  3. But still Latavius ​​Murray He proved to be transformative!
  4. But he hurt too much!

Let us now deal with each of them:

  1. Tell it to Tennessee – they gave Derrick Henry, A traditional fever with excessive wear and tear on the floor, four-year, $ 50 million contract in this office; Or Carolina, which gives the whole market and resets Christian McCaffrey M 16M per year.
  2. Room May be in pitch number, Is defined as 60-70 per cent of the saints’ attack cases, but that means he is one.) Low wear and tear at a rapid rate of breakage; And b.) More efficient and productive than almost every RB.
  3. Murray will be 31 years old in January, and have you added more than 40 catches in his six-year career? Yes, the Reserve played surprisingly well in 2019, but there is a reason he was pushed to No. 2 duties by three different teams.
  4. Camara missed three games in three years. Cook, who is set to earn more than M10 million a year on his next contract, has missed 19 games at the same time. That label may be an exaggeration.

The real icing on the cake is the numbers, which Camara – with or without “limited” touches – is one of the best playwrights in his position, otherwise the entire spectrum of attack levels is absent. Everyone knows Camara is an all-pro talent, but the original product shows that he is close to McCaffrey money.

Take a look at Kamara’s total releases, and all RBs with a salary of over M10 million for the year 2017:

Christian McCaffrey



5.948M 16 M

Ezekiel Elliott



5.041M 15 M

Alvin Camara



6.145$ 964K
Joe Mixon3,801214.744M 12 M

Derrick Henry



5.147$ 12.5M

Levian Bell



4.530$ 13.1 m

David Johnson



4.830M 13 M

Being a “pitch-count” RP, how in the world can you not compensate and let that impact pass aside? In very rare cases, the camera gets almost too high on the ground, otherwise; Almost as much as a runner and receiver, if not more; And they eclipse all of the total yards for touch.

The Saints may not like the idea of ​​rewarding “retreating” with 15 million a season, or something like a traditional laborer like Elliott found in Dallas, but they can’t access the Camara talks. Very fond of San Francisco 49ers Was forced to compromise with the idea George Kittle (M 15M per year) A broad receiver because he has a tight end, New Orleans have no choice but to look at Camara’s versatility – and Three straight years In more than 80 receptions – the focus of contract negotiations.

This will not happen before the 2020 season, and it will not happen before or after the 2021 license tag. But if the Saints want to keep Camara around without bidding, his deal wants a lava Brand’s Cooks In 2017, it would be surprising if the final result doesn’t look like a four-year, $ 60 million deal.

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