Also ‘The Sandman’ writer Neil Gaiman in action during the writers’ strike

The writer is one of many supporters of the strikes.

Tomorrow marks one month since the beginning of the writers’ strikes in the United States. So far, no progress has been made, but that hasn’t stopped many prominent writers from taking part in the strike.

We’ve seen this before Game Of Throneswriter George RR Martin in action. The American took to the streets as protests arrived in New Mexico, where he lives. Another well-known writer took to the streets alongside her.

Neil Gaiman

The English writer Neil Gaiman is also present among the demonstrators. The Englishman shares photos of himself and his fellow forwards on his official Instagram account. He is dressed in a WGA (Writers Guild of America) t-shirt and is “armed” with a protest sign.

More recently, Gaiman is best known for the Netflix film adaptation of his The sand mancomic books. Moreover, the series good omens and the fantasy film Stardust based on his work.


The second season of good omens will be presented next month and will not be delayed by the strike. Or the second season of The sand man will remain on schedule depends on how long the strike lasts, according to Gaiman.

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