Alabama’s Nick Saban wonders if Ole Miss knew the security signals

Alabama coach Nick Saban asked if Ole knew the signals of Miss Crimson’s title during her team’s 63-48 victory Saturday night in Oxford, Mississippi.

Saban will be quiet for most of the game, but inside he looked at his safety reel and said “boiled, bubble”, leaving 647 yards.

“They had the answer but it seemed like everything we did,” Saban said. “I don’t know if they had our signals or not. It’s not uncommon. Every time we seemed to be calling for something, they had the best play they could have against it.”

He added: “We didn’t do anything better, we didn’t stop the flow, we dropped some plays in the back. … didn’t play well.”

Ole Miss’s 48 points is the second time Alabama has allowed an unrestrained opponent in the AB era (since 1936).

Crimson Tight Linebacker Dylan Moses Pointing to head coach Lane Kiffin’s knowledge of the pre – Alabama offensive coordinator’s position from 2014 to 2016, he “certainly” believes Ole Miss discovered their defensive signals.

“They had an answer for everything, and we were in line,” Moses said.

Accepting responsibility for the defensive game, Saban said, “We have a lot of opportunities to learn and grow from this game.”

“We never played for defense,” he said. “We’re not sure we want this to be a defensive team, we’re going to work hard with our players.

“I trust our players and I think our players need to play better. I think we’re good at that.”

Alabama and Ole Miss’ 111 combined points are the highest in a regulatory game in SEC history. The 723-yard offense of the Crimson Tight is second only to SEC history.

Wide receiver Divonta Smith He equaled the school record with 13 receptions and became the first Alabama player in the last 20 years to score 150 yards and make the quickest touchdown in the same sport.

Kiffin said in his first season on the Ole Miss (1-2) after the previous three lead Florida Atlantic: “I would never have guessed you would see an SEC game here with these figures.” Three balls throughout the game. Most points in the history of the SEC disciplinary game, especially against coach Saban and that defense. “

When asked why he gets the score at the conference, Giffin said, “Maybe Govt?”

“Spring is missing the ball, there’s no coping in it and the basics have something to do with it,” he said. “I would never have guessed this, I was just kidding [Saban] Later, I spoke to him: ‘I thought they were playing defense at SEC.’ He laughed about safety because he was making fun of. This is three games in a row. I would not have thought of this. “

Alabama, who advanced 3-0, will host 3rd Georgia next Saturday.

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