Al Michaels doesn’t know how the Golden Gate Bridge got its name, does it?

If Sunday Night footballer Al Michaels wants a thing poetically, it’s the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Don’t forget that this is a full hour journey from where 49 players play in Santa Clara – NBC always covers it in a transition shot coming out of a business, Michaels never, As always He misses the opportunity to talk about how much he loves it.

When the 49ers’ SNF affair against the visiting Los Angeles Rams aired Sunday, Michaels said it was “the Golden Gate Bridge”. When NBC slowly triggers the sunset over the bridge, “That’s why they call it the Golden Gate, the scenery like that … it’s an important landmark, I will never get tired.”

We know.

As much as he loves the bridge, however, Michaels seems to have no idea at first how it was named.

Golden Gate Bridge In fact The Golden Gate is the name given to the magnificent waterway that connects the Pacific Ocean with the San Francisco Bay. The name of the Golden Gate Stream predicts the construction of the bridge almost 90 years ago. In 1846, researcher and future presidential candidate John C. Fremont saw the Strait and remembered the Golden Horn of Phosphorus in Istanbul. He used the Greek word for it Chrysopile, It is translated as Golden Gate in English.

“I named this gate ‘Chrysopile’ or ‘Golden Gate’; for the same reasons that I called the port of Byzantium Christoseros or the Golden Horn,” Fremond wrote in his memoirs.

Michaels said the bridge was built 80 years ago, was it at least … close? Construction on the Golden Gate began in 1933 and was completed in 1937, which actually celebrated its 83rd birthday in May.

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