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Airport Corona virus screenings: Trump administration wants to stop Govt-19 screenings of foreign travelers

The United States began conducting advanced screenings of travelers from Wuhan, China, where the virus broke out. At selected airports in January. In the following months, additional airports began the process of checking passengers from high-risk countries. For a short time, screenings The result was long lines and congested conditions At US airports.
Management now seems to be putting an end to those screenings First announced by Yahoo News. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection postponed the comment to the Department of Homeland Security, which declined to comment.

A DSA official told CNN that a draft public affairs guidance note states the reason for ending airport screenings: Of the 675,000 passengers screened at 15 airports, less than 15 have been identified as having Govt-19.

Airlines for America, an aerospace industry group, accepted the decision to discontinue screenings, saying in a statement: “We continue to support the use of less screening resources where they can be better utilized, and do not believe that continued screening makes sense at 15 airports (U.S. Disease Control). And detention centers) have the lowest number of passengers identified.

It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of screenings. Data was provided to the House Oversight Committee earlier this year Revealed Some passengers were stopped at the initial shots of international flights from the early corona virus hotspots outside China.
The Screenings included Questions about medical history, current status and contact information for local health officials.

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