Air bag fragments kill the Volvo driver and touch the memory

Detroit – Pieces of metal from an exploding airbag inflator kill an elderly driver Volvo, A U.S. Remember Of the 54,000 cars, regulators said Saturday.

Inflator done Auto parts Supplier ZF / TRW, but US government documents show that the devices operate similarly to the deadly intrusions made by Dakata.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it was reviewing the data with Volvo and would decide whether to take further action on the matter.

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ZF / TRW, headquartered in the suburbs of Detroit, did not immediately respond to news reports on Saturday asking whether the same intrusions had been sold to other automakers.

The NHTSA reports that ZF / TRW inflator failure is the only known cause of death worldwide.

The recall covers the Volvo S60 and S80 cars from the 2001 to 2003 model years. Volvo said it would replace the driver’s airbag at no cost to customers.

Japanese parts maker Takata used ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion to lift airbags in an accident. But when exposed to moisture in the air the chemical may deteriorate over time. The explosion could have thrown a small drop into the passenger compartment, except for a metal tin.

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At least 26 people have been killed worldwide, including 17 in the United States.

This issue caused the largest series of auto recalls in U.S. history, recalling at least 63 million inflators. As of September, the U.S. government said no more than $ 11.1 million had been determined. About 100 million inflators worldwide have been recalled.

The NHTSA said on Saturday that ZF / TRW inflators did not use ammonium nitrate to lift airbags.

Volvo Recall Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands (US).

Volvo says in a document released by the NHDSA that registration data is still in use on 13,800 recalled cars.

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