After 63 years, ‘Psycho’ still defines the way we watch movies in theaters

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho premiered in 1960 and today we are still following the cinematic trend started 63 years ago by the legendary filmmaker.

Hitchcock was a great example in film schools for years and a great hero for many filmmakers. It is therefore not surprising that we find elements of the films of the legend in modern thrillers and horror films.

The shower scene
The iconic shower scene from psychology with the Scream-Queen Janet Leigh made waves in 1960 and today. Read about the scene here.

But themes and suggestions with shadow and sound aren’t the only holdovers from the 1960s. Hitchcock was also a big influence on how we watch movies in theaters today.

A special request
Before psychology in the United States, it was very common for moviegoers to walk in or out in the middle of a movie.

Hitchcock disagreed with this cinematic behavior. He therefore wanted to ensure that every theatergoer would be surprised, shocked and impressed by the tension of psychology and if people got there halfway through, he was afraid they wouldn’t understand and appreciate the story.

Times of scheduled films
The filmmaker therefore asked cinemas to set entry and exit times, so that people come to see the film in full.

Cinemas agreed and scheduled movie times. This resulted in queues of people waiting at the door to see the film because if you were too late you couldn’t get into the room.

These days, cinemas usually stop selling movie tickets 30 minutes after the show starts. And if you sneak into the cinema too late, you’ll get an angry look.

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