According to Motorola, “new” moto razors should no longer be used

If you buy a new Moto Racer 5G, it will not look “new” when you get it. Very interesting note (first discovered On the edge) Below the Amazon product description, it says that your moto racer will open before it comes to you, it is going to fold, and, oh, sorry if there are some fingerprints:

Note: First, the RAZR must be sent unopened. However, to better protect the display, we folded your RAZR – it is safe, but does not look as neat as we expected. We apologize if you find fingerprints on your device. We assure you that your RAZR is brand new.

Motorola’s foldable restart Moto Razor has the hardest time left in the real world. While the modern classic smartphone looks beautiful, it has proven to be very fragile, prone to slick hinge structure and soft, plastic flexible display. (Ours died a day later!) The original was released in February 2020, but the sequel with the excellent specs, the Moto Racer “5G” was already released in early October. Already, it has been decided that the box is not enough.

The Razr 5G box is similar to the original Razr restart box, and does not follow your usual smartphone box design. The bottom half of the box is doubled as a functional phone stand, and it actually amplifies the sound coming from the speaker. The phone sat vertically at the bottom of the box, opened, and leaned back slightly. The “half” of the box rests on the bottom of the phone stand assembly, and a very large volume of foam is pressed against the phone display, holding the phone in place.

Sending the phone out by exposing the screen like this and pressing against a large foam block can cause problems. After seeing the list and some of these reports we contacted Motorola and the company sent a report

Motorola is packaging the new razor at factory level in its closed form. Once the device leaves our facility it will not reopen. Motorola places strict requirements on handling gloves and cleaning procedures, and aims to provide a better boxed experience with shipping protocols. As with all products, we will continue to make the necessary monitoring and additional modifications to provide the best consumer experience.

So Motorola had a last-minute second thought about its box design and agreed to send the Rus instead of folding, which is what was filmed in the press footage. This is not just for Amazon, and Some of the ideas Amazon reviews claim to have received folded razors from other stores such as Best Pi and Motorola. Motorola’s last minute box redesign is very strange because the company has almost a year of experience in its box design under its belt. It was like the second generation of the moto race, after all, the same box as the first generation.

In the Amazon review section, customers are not so happy about the status of their phones. Customer Adolfo A. Sandoval Perro presents and writes photos of the cut box Their 1-star review “The phone is not new … no [a] The inner screen protector image, the outer screen protector image was badly offset, and the device folded into its packaging. “They continue:” Last but not least, while inspecting the lid of the box someone noticed that you had cut off some hands inside to fold the phone and fit the lid? “

Foam volume can definitely be a problem. This is to secure the phone by pressing firmly against the open, flat display. Trying to close the box when the razor is folded (hence doubling the thickness) does not really work because now the foam block will be too thick. The solution, according to this reviewer, is to cut a large piece from the foam block so that the box closes.

Another anonymous 1-star reviewer writes, “Incredible. Got the phone in the same position as described in other reviews. Folded, no screen on the inside, no curved image on the outer screen. Shows very different scores from the screen folds. , I’m not read in other reviews, the screen presses when opening and closing. ” Many new reviews describe the “new” phone as “used”.

Motorola’s report that the razors are packaged with “strict” cleaning procedures does not match the official Amazon listing with many customer reports claiming that the fingerprint is a warning or that the phone is “used” state. After a follow-up question about the fingerprint alert, Motorola told Ars that “we are aware of this problem and are taking steps to prevent it from moving forward.”

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