A year ago Apple imagined that AirTax would work here

In addition to allowing you to locate lost items, Apple intends to do everything from its unannounced, but heavily leaked airtights to measuring your posture to assisting your phone display information related to the building you are in. Details have emerged in a couple Patent Applications They were filed a year ago Discovered by Relax Apple After they were made public yesterday.

Since And so on Many Leaks We already have a good idea about tracking bucks like Apple Tile and their features, which helps you keep track of your belongings. So what is most interesting about these patented applications is the other utility cases that Apple is thinking of. A series of diagrams shows how trackers get stuck in your body and can be used to monitor your posture or control a character on the screen.

A diagram shows how trackers are used to control a screen character
Image: Apple / USPDO

The other shows the trackers used to monitor the posture.
Image: Apple / USPDO

Another Pointed out Macroemers Describes how tags can be mounted on a building and is used to trigger your phone to display useful information, such as a map, when you feel close.

Beyond these alternative application cases, Apple’s patent applications for the “growing platform for wireless detection tag” and “fastener with restricted retention loop” do not contain many surprises about the AirDex core functionality. Tags are small and “easily attached to items such as keys, wallets or wallets, to help the owner locate lost, misplaced or stolen items”, and they can be waterproof and drop-proof. Here are two drawings from the patent that show how tags can be attached to ornaments such as a watch strap.

You can embed tags in a watch strap …
Image: Apple / USPDO

… to help you find a watch.
Image: Apple / USPDO

Apple explains that when you need to find the device to which they are connected, the ultra-wide band technology of the tags will help you locate your phone within two feet or less, and the tags will be able to detect “audible and / or haptic releases”. Or, if you are not close enough, you can send data through other people’s devices around the device, this feature can be connected Find Apple is my app.

Airdocks have been rumored for so long that it seems only a matter of time before they are announced. Reports indicate that they are Entered production last month, And the latest rumor Says you can see an announcement soon.

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