A New York father builds a 50-foot pirate ship for his daughter Halloween

(CNN) – Go above Jack Sparrow – There is a new captain on this pirate ship.

A father in New York won Halloween by building a 50-foot-long, 20-foot-high pirate ship, the front towers of his home in Rochester.

“I have no background in this, I just make it fun for my kids, and that’s the best,” Tony DiMattio told CNN. “It’s been a tough year for a lot of people, so we decided it would be a great opportunity to put a smile on people’s faces and make them feel natural.”

The father of three said he was inspired by his children to build a pirate ship, and their faces “glow with excitement” whenever they see Halloween decorations.

A few years ago, Dematio’s now 13-year-old daughter asked about the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme Halloween. To fulfill her wish, she designed a small pirate ship. But this year the ship is twice as big.

Made from recycled metal, wood and rope, the ship features black pirate flags and a large skeleton hanging from bowsprite. It also has some interesting effects including six cannons, a fog machine and fire blasters. DiMattio said he also produced a soundtrack that synchronized with the effects of artillery and fire blasters.

The entire project will cost about $ 3,000 in materials and took a week to build, he said.

“It may seem expensive, but I bought everything second hand and did a lot of props myself,” Dimatio said. “It’s gathering the crowd, everyone loves it. When people come, they ‘get so excited, and it’s fun to see how much people enjoy it.”

While the purpose of the pirate ship is to bring joy to his family and his community, there is a good reason behind this dad’s Halloween spirit.

Dematio asks people who stop by to bring donated items or other food that he provides to people in need in the community. So far, his garage has been completely packed with food donations.

But the fun is not over yet – on Halloween, two professional pirate actors come to plunder the ship at Dimato’s house and deliver candy bags to the children.

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