A lawyer for a group of former players fired at the Iowa Hockey

The lawyer representing the eight black former Iowa footballers said Monday night that there was no end to the matter, including the payment of $ 20 million in rejection of the university’s claims.

Tamario Solomon-Simmons, Tulsa’s civil rights lawyer in Oklahoma, made the players’ demands in a 21 – page letter dated Oct. 5 to university officials. In addition to the $ 20 million, the players called for the removal of head football coach Kirk Ferrents. , Offensive line coach Brian Brents and athletics director Gary Barta.

The university’s general adviser’s office released its response on Sunday, saying it would not accommodate the demands and that work had already begun to create a more welcoming environment for Black athletes. Solomon-Simmons’ response to the General Adviser was given to the media along with a copy of the original letter.

“In response, Iowa released our confidential letter to the media with the sole intention of trying to embarrass and intimidate our brave customers,” Solomon-Simmons said in a statement. “It doesn’t work. In fact, Iowa’s move reinforces our determination to uphold the rights of our customers and their teammates.”

Akram Watley, Aaron Mends, Jonathan Parker, Marcel Jolie, Maurice Fleming, Reggie Spearman, Kevont Martin-Manley and Andre Harris are all former players who have been accused of misconduct.

Solomon-Simmons did not respond to an Associated Press request to interview the former players. Other attempts to reach the players failed.

If the players ‘demands are not met by Monday in Solomon-Simmons’ original letter, the former players will file a lawsuit seeking damages.

The university hired an outside law firm in June to review the culture of the football program after dozens of former players, many of them black, were accused of racism and misconduct on social media. Protests against racial injustice following the death of George Floyd toppled the country and only minor changes were made after attempts were made to raise concerns within the plan.

The athletic department severed ties with long-term strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle, who received a $ 1.1 million extraction contract. Several players accused Doyle of using racial slurs when addressing him, an accusation he denied. Brian Frends, son of Kirk Frends, was also said to have insulted the soldiers.

111 The review, which included interviews with current and former veterans and staff, found that cultural issues were legitimate.

The players’ letter of request to the university has caused $ 10 million in “loss of ability to earn, loss of professional opportunities, slander, pain and suffering, mental conditions, mental anguish, PDSD, humiliation and overall emotional distress” to clients. ” ‘

In addition, they sought $ 10 million to set up a fund set up for athletes, including eight former footballers, where defendants who deliberately discriminate against “discrimination and current serious and widespread acts” want to treat African-Americans differently. ” ‘

Athletes who attended Kirkferents’ 22 years in Iowa wanted mandatory annual anti-racism training for all non-graduating black athletes, permanent senior black male executive positions, and academic discounts.

“Our demand for money from our customers and more than 100 other African-American athletes can be categorized as money laundering,” Solomon-Simmons said in his statement. “But our demand is for justification and accountability. It’s not only about black employees’ managerial changes for public relations, but also about the need for meaningful change.”

Solomon-Simmons, “Diversity Councils, Great Support Statements, Helmet Decals, ‘Unity’ Styles, Prepaid Expensive Statements, Kumbaya Indirect Pro Seminars and a few black teachers, athletes, and staff.”

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