2020 WWE Draft Results: SmackDown and Raw rosters, rules, Monday format, pools of superstars


If WWE continues its true brand segment in the second season of its new TV deals, it is in the midst of having another WWE draft to shake up the list of its two major shows. The draft started Friday night in SmackDown and ends Monday night in Raw, with two lists available for selection with each superstar.

More than 60 superstars (men, women and tag teams) over the two-day draft will be selected with a three-hour show, with three choices available for each of the two selected on SmackDown. WWE has split those superstars into two pools to ensure the company’s biggest stars perform gravitationally in two days.

On the first night of the draft, which took place on Friday during SmackDown on Fox, four of WWE’s six singles champions qualified, although all were in their respective brands. The other two – Bailey (SmackDown Girls) and Sami Jane (Continental) – will appear for the exam on Monday during the RAW on the USA network.

Although the 2019 Fox-USA Network draft received mostly negative reviews – which often caused boredom and left the lists inconsistent – WWE decided to use the same format as Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon announcing each choice in the role of a commissioner. Improvements were made Friday night as WWE skipped pre-recorded Battle Room celebrations featuring cartoon robots and face-painted executives and focused on the reactions of drafted superstars.

Now all that’s left is to break down the WWE draft format and get ready for the real choices. Read on to read more about the rules of the WWE draft and which superstars are selected each night.

WWE draft format, rules

  • Pool: More than 60 superstars including men, women and tag teams
  • Choice: For every two SmackDown exams, Raw gets three
  • Teams / Groups / Categories: Think of it as a choice, but can split teams
  • Free Agents: All unformed superstars can sign on to any brand

WWE Draft Results, Day 1 (Fri, Oct. 9)


Drew McIntyre (c, WWE)

Roman Empire (C, Universal)

Asuka (e, original women)

Seth Rollins

The Heart Business
Bobby Lashley (C, USA)


A.J. Styles

Sasha Banks


Bianca Blair

Nia Jax & Sheena Bassler (c)



Jay Usho

Mandy Rose

Ray & Dominic Mysterio

The Miss & John Morrison


New Day (C, SD Tag Team)

Great e

Dana Brooke


Angel Corsa

5Humberto CarrilloMurphy
Drew GulagCallisto
  • Teams split: New Day won the Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods SmackDown tag team titles, but was drafted to Rao as Big E was drafted to SmackDown. Heavy Machinery and Lucha House Party were also separated.
  • Unconfigured: Elias, Shorty G (see below), Mickey James, Lucha House Party (see below)

WWE Draft Results, Day 2 (Monday, Oct. 12)


“The Find” Bray Wyatt

Bailey (c)

Randy Orton

Street Profit (c)

Charlotte Blair

2 Braun Stroman Daniel Bryan
Matt Riddle Kevin Owens
Jeff Hardy
3 Retaliation Lars Sullivan
Keith Lee King Corbin
Alexa Bliss
4 Elias Sami Jain (c)
Lacey Evans Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura
5 Nicky Cross Dolph Ziggler & Robert Root
R-truth (c) Apollo Groups
6 Titus O’Neill Carmella
Beyton Royce Alastair Black
Akira Tosawa
  • New day and street Profit They changed the tag team titles of their brands after they were drafted against each other.
  • Shorty G. Added to SmackDown list on Monday. He was not drafted on Friday.
  • Lucha House Party (Linz Torado & Gran Metallic) Added to Raw list on Monday. They were not drafted on Friday.
  • Unconfigured: Andrade, Eric, Riddick Moss, Arturo Ruas, Billy Kay, Lana, Natalia, Tamina, Jelena Vega, The Riot Squad

Notable unlisted superstars

  • Becky Lynch Is pregnant and is not currently competing.
  • Jimmy Usho And Ivar Both were injured, but their tag team partners are listed as singles wrestlers. Presumably, they will join any brand that their partner has drafted.
  • Sonia Devil No longer under WWE agreement (in the plot).
  • Edge And Jinder Mahal Were injured.
  • Samoa Joe Currently on the Raw Commentary team.
  • Mojo Rawli Has not competed since June 15, 2020.
  • Forgotten Sons Not competing since May 10, 2020
  • Po Dallas Not competing since October 31, 2019.
  • Part Time / Ineligible: Big Show, John John, Bill Goldberg, Rhonda Roose, The Undertaker

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