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150 big businesses warn mayor of ‘widespread concern’ about NYC’s future

More than 150 powerful business leaders in New York City came together Thursday to ask Mayor Bill de Blasio to address public safety and other quality of life issues that could jeopardize the city’s economic recovery.

CEOs of companies such as Goldman Sachs, Vornado Realty Trust and Jet Blue Sent a letter to the mayor Depicts a gloomy assessment of life in New York City during epidemics, and recommends a no-confidence vote on the mayor’s ability to fix it.

The letter said “there are widespread concerns about public safety, cleanliness and other living standards, which contribute to worsening conditions in business districts and neighborhoods in the five metropolitan areas.”

Business leaders warned that if the mayor did not address those issues, people who had left the city due to “legitimate concerns about security and the livelihoods of our communities” would return.

Business leaders acknowledged the city’s success in carrying the corona virus, but noted that “unprecedentedly, New Yorkers are facing unemployment, homelessness, or danger.”

Mr. De Blasio responded in a conciliatory tone, asking business leaders to work with him, and arguing that the city needed federal funding and new credit capacity.

“These leaders must join the fight to move the city forward,” the mayor said on Twitter.

This letter highlights the cultural divide in how people reacted to this explosion. While some New Yorkers have left for the suburbs or vacation homes, many of the rest have abandoned depictions of the city and been overwhelmed by the disorder.

In fact, normal symptoms have turned from outdoor dining to socially distant gatherings in parks. By the end of the month, live education and even indoor food will return to public schools.

“We are grateful for the input of the business community and we will continue to work with them to rebuild a better, better city,” Mr de Blasio’s spokesman Bill Neathard said in a statement. “Let it be clear: we want to recover these services and save jobs. The direct way to do that is long-term credit and federal stimulus. We urge these leaders to join this fight because the stakes cannot be high.”

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