World Series: Race’s Manuel Margot tries to steal the house. Dodgers Clayton Kershaw

Sunday night at Globe Life Field, The Los Angeles Dodgers And Tampa Bay Rays Continued the 2020 World Series with Game 5 (Game tracker). Race won Game 4 before and after one game. The World Series is now the best of the three.

Los Angeles took a 3-0 lead Tyler Glasno Thanksgiving on Game 5 Corey Caesar And Cody Bellinger Run-scoring singles, and a Peterson Game Solo Homer. Race responded with two runs in the third inning Clayton Kershaw. Yandy Diaz A Reserve Bank three and Randy Arosarena A Reserve Bank single.

Tampa Bay were all set to level the fourth game. Manuel Margot A leadoff walk, then a second steal and advanced to third Chris Taylor Couldn’t handle the throw (a few days to Taylor’s glove, right?). Hunter Renfro He did a walk after falling behind 0-2. Tampa had runners in the corners without outs.

When the rally was placed in life support Joey Wendl Pop up and Willie Adams Became out. With Kevin Kiermeyer At the plate, Margot broke from third place and tried to steal the house. Kershaw descended from the embankment, threw the house, and Austin Barnes Used the tag. Margot left to finish the inning. Play here:

House thefts are chaotic, Kershaw did a great job there. He got down and threw himself home. Many times you will see pitchers, even players like Kershaw, panicking and throwing the ball to the plate, blocking the flow. Kershaw (and Barnes) must have been right there, they were.

I believe Margot did it automatically. It did not come from the trench. Kershaw has a slow move because he brings his hands above his head and he does not see a left wing and a third base, Marcot tries to use it. If you’ve going to try to steal a house, do it. This is not working.

The rays did not challenge out at home, which surprises me. It marked a bang-bang play and a Margot tie flow. Why take a shot there and hope you get the call? After all, teams get two challenges in the latter season. Tampa’s video review made it clear that there was ample evidence to confirm the public call.

According to ESPN Statistics & Info, The first time a player has attempted to steal a house in a World Series since 2002, when Brad Fulmer was taken home on the verge of a double theft in Game 2, the first time a player in a World Series had stolen a house since 1991, when Shane Mack was eliminated in Game 4.

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