The right workshop equipment saves a lot of time and effort. You no longer have to search for things and tools unnecessarily, but you immediately know where everything is. You also ensure that you and your employees work ergonomically by ensuring a suitable layout.

Available space

Before you start furnishing your workshop, take a good look at the available space. It can be a large shed, but also a garage or a small shed. As a freelancer or hobbyist, you also benefit from suitable workshop equipment. Whether your workspace is large or small, taking a critical look at space will ensure that it is used optimally. Think creatively, as walls and ceilings can often be used to store items. This frees up space in other places.

Ergonomic work

Mobile lift tables are essential in an ergonomic workstation. They are therefore frequently found in the workshop. With the lifting table you can lift pallets and heavy items to an ergonomic working height and avoid working too high or too low. This helps prevent back pain and promotes productivity in the workshop. Dangerous situations lurk in the workplace. Always think about safety and choose comfortable, high-quality work clothes and other necessary personal protection.

The right tools

You want to solve a problem for a client or tackle a job from home. So of course you want to have the right tools ready. Invest in the good things you know you will need. You can also choose to rent tools for occasional use. This is possible at Esra, specialist in the field of warehouse equipment and internal transport. Renting is a very interesting option, especially for large equipment, such as a forklift or a stacker. Have you found that you often need a saw or a hammer drill? Then it will soon be worth buying.

Organization of the workplace

Have a system in the storage space you have. For example, have custom cabinets made and check at the end of the working day if all the equipment has been returned to the right place. Are there also enough screws, dowels and other small equipment? There’s nothing more annoying than finding out on the morning of a big job that you’re short on materials.

image by editor Baaz