Why do some Hong Kong Democrats support Trump’s attempt to cling to power? | American News

Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the US presidential election has received some distant support Hong Kong And Taiwan, where a small but quiet population holds out hope for his success.

President of the United States Trying to stick to power It has sharpened internal divisions within Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement over its relations with the US Republican Party, and has provoked a tidal wave of journalists who complain or comment on the US vote.

The local English language headline Hong Kong Free Press saw a major setback on its election coverage. An Op-Ed This week’s headline was “President Biden will stand with Hong Kong – Trump is more effective than ever” Met with hundreds of negative comments – including baseless allegations that Joe Biden is “in the pocket of the CCP” and that the election results have not yet been decided.

“Some comments are innocent enough (i.e. the election is not over – it’s technically true but misleading),” Sasha Ramani, one of the co-editors of Op-Ed, told the Guardian.

“But I’m really surprised at the level of right – wing misinformation that has affected Hong Kong circles.

A Yukov poll of Asian countries last month found Trump very popular in Hong Kong Taiwan, Chinese officials have increased military threats to prevent dissent and invade, respectively.

Trump and his administration have responded Period of anti-China rhetoric and action, Reducing sanctions on Beijing and Hong Kong authorities, and selling billions of dollars worth of weapons to Taiwan.

When Biden is He promised to take a tough path on China, Some pro-democracy activists fear he will turn the United States into an era of contact with Beijing.

Journalist Johann Nylander has been living in Hong Kong for a decade and said he has seen a lot of anger and aggression since the US election, including the alleged theft of Biden.

“I spoke to a woman in a pro-democracy one [shop], She is hardcore pro-democratic and anti-Beijing – she is hardcore Donald Trump. He claims that Fox News is the only reliable media in the United States, ”he said.

A local reporter, who did not want to be identified due to concerns about online abuse, said colleagues and sales outlets have been accused of being “pro-Biden, or pro-Biden”.

“One example is the Apple Daily – owned by Jimmy Loy It is very clear that he supported He predicted that Trump would win, and that their own defense was generally in favor of Trump. But [Apple Daily] Journalists are stories of what each journalist did and verified the facts. They were also accused of ‘showing their true colors’ and joined Pitan. This kind of conspiracy is going on. “

The audience, including Ramani, said people in Hong Kong and Taiwan have become “co-victims” Misinformation campaigns targeting US voters But it also spread internationally through major, far-right and social media.

Lack of understanding of the US electoral system led to allegations of voter fraud. The Hong Kong journalist said that the US government’s differences in the counting of postal votes were confusing and that some had linked the complex voting system of the United States to the anti-democratic tactics found in some Asian elections.

“They combine the two and use the same standards to judge the United States. They do not trust their organization and there is a lack of understanding of the American system.”

Ramani said many “considered the election to be of existential significance for their survival, so they have a more emotional connection to it.”

In October, Biden pledged to work with the United States and Pacific allies to “enhance our shared prosperity, security and values ​​in the Asia-Pacific region” and to deepen ties with Taiwan.

He called Chinese President Xi Jinping a thug and condemned China’s actions in Xinjiang. Now analysts have repeatedly said that China is a defining global challenge, and Washington’s approach – supported by a network of global allies – is unlikely to change.

Ramani said in his choice that the Trump administration should be given credit for raising China’s issues, but Hong Kong and Taiwan are benefiting from a predictable but even tougher US administration. “Support for our friends in Asia is not over.”

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