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Walker Beauhler World Series Like the old Los Angeles Dodgers aces.

Think of Sandy Coubox, Fernando Valencula and Orel Hersheiser.

Buhler now leads the Dodgers to two wins from the championship, which has left them out since 1988.

Buhler hit 10 runs in six innings, and Los Angeles won Tampa Bay Rays 2-1 World Series lead Friday night 6-2.

“There are only a handful of guys present and throughout history who have a huge sports pitcher and are really successful on this platform,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “He’s in some elite company,”

Justin Turner was chased in fifth against Charlie Morton, who was surprisingly successful in the first inning.

Dodgers’ No. 9 hitter and catcher Austin Barnes added a sixth inning homer against John Curtis. Became the second player to run in runs with a homer and a sacrifice in the same series game.

He will remember the home run more.

“It’s a tiny little state, but it’s not easy to put the ball in the barrel against these good pitchers,” Burns said.

Los Angeles overwhelmed Tampa Bay at all stages, averaging a .206 batting average and 11 runs in the series offense of race fraud. Rays against Clayton Kershaw, Tony Gonsolin and Beauhler’s average of 133 (6 for 45) is the lowest in three consecutive games against a team’s openers, since the Boston Red Sox kept Philadelphia Bliss at 129 in 1915, according to STATS.

Mexican left-hander Julio Urias, who has been the hardest hitter in the Dodgers line-up with Valencula, starts Game 4 on Saturday night, while Race starts with Ryan Yarbro, who found relief in the first game.

Thirty-eight of the previous 59 teams that won Game 3 2-1.

Justin Turner and Austin Barnes stayed for the Dodgers as they beat the Race 7-4 in the series and fell 25-16 the following season. In the 5th game of 1961, Hector Lopez of the New York Yankees was the second player to run with the Reserve Banks in a series match against the Reserve Banks in a series.

Steel-eyed, like Hershey, who won the MVP courses of the 1988 series, has transformed Buhler Kershaw into the Dodgers Ace. He showed no concern from the blister on his right index finger.

He allowed a run in 13 consecutive innings, including seven not out in Game 3 against Boston two years ago. He advanced 2-0 with a 1.80 epoch at the start of four postseason seasons that included a win over Atlanta in Game 6 of the NL Championship Series last weekend.

“I took the failures I had and tried to learn a little from them,” Buhler said.

The 26-year-old right-hander started with 15 off 21 batters and struck out 67 off 93 pitches. Beauler did not allow a win until Manuel Marcott doubled out in fifth place. Willie Adams then drove to Marcot with another double.

Another win for Tampa Bay was Austin Meadows’ leadoff single in sixth place.

“You can see it popping through the fastball zone,” said race manager Kevin Cash. “Except for a few breaking balls here or there, it’s there, access it. You fully understand and appreciate why he’s so talented.”

He fought the beams with a combination of 59 four-seam fastballs, 14 knuckle-curves, 12 sliders and eight cut fastballs. Became the first pitcher of the series to have 10 or more strikeouts in six or fewer innings.

“It could have been the best I’ve ever seen him,” Barnes said.

Blake Trainen and Brewster Gradrol followed a perfect innings. Kenley Johnson finished four-hitter, leaving Romero Arosarena’s eighth post-season homer.

The 37-year-old Morton, 37, entered unbeaten in seven straight post-season results on November 12, a shy of Orlando Hernandez’s record, including five consecutive seasons of wins. But he took this loss, allowing five runs and seven wins in an innings of four and three – more than the total of four runs he had conceded in his previous five postseason seasons.

Race Starter have finished the fifth inning of their last five series since Matt Corsa started in Game 3 against Philadelphia in 2008. Tampa Bay repeated its method a dozen years ago, losing the opening player, winning the next game and dropping to third.

“I’m not particularly sharp,” Morton said. “I was able to get two strikes with a lot of workers very quickly and I felt like I couldn’t put them aside.”

Turner led the Dodgers on Morton’s 14th pitch, driving a 94.8 mph fastball with a 1-2 count and driving the ball over a 397-foot left-field wall. Turner’s home run was the 11th of his post-season career in 69 games, equaling the team record set by Duke Snyder in 36 games with Brooklyn. Los Angeles Dodgers Since 1954-59.

In third place Los Angeles extended the lead to 3-0, with Morton hitting Corey Caesar with a pitch on one toe, while Turner doubled and Max Muncie drove a two-run single to center the center.

After solo songs by Cody Bellinger and Joke Peterson, Barnes ran the first paceman to G-Man Choi by pressing defense, becoming the first Reserve Bank Bundle in the series after Racine Jason Parlett in Game 2 in 2008 and the first Dodgers from Billy Cox in 1953.

Mookie Bets followed up with a two-out RBI single 5-0, and Barnes dropped John Curtis in sixth. The Dodgers hit five of the first six runs with two outs, nine of 18 in their overall series and 50 of 87 in the latter season.

“Obviously there are two outs, but you can still build an innings without giving up the bat,” Bates said. “That’s how you win a world series.”

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