Vikings in the Packers: Final injury reports for both teams

Update: Dolvin Cook’s condition has been updated to “questionable” despite full participation in Friday’s practice, as he was not given an injury position in their initial Friday injury report. The original story is as follows, but the schedule has been updated with the Vikings’ injury report to reflect this.

NFC North goes to the review on Sunday at Lambo Field Minnesota Vikings And Green Bay Packers Have released their final injury reports. Let’s start with the visiting page and see what both sides have in common.

Minnesota Viking Week 8 Injury Report

PlayerConditionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridaySunday status
PlayerConditionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridaySunday status
Holden HillC.P.LegLPDNPDNPOut
Don CicenaWRHipF.P.DNPQuestionable
Dolvin CookR.P.HipLPLPF.P.Questionable
Chris BoydC.P.Femur / backLPLPF.P.
Anthony HarrisS.WristF.P.F.P.F.P.
Drew SamiaG.WristF.P.F.P.F.P.
Adam TheelanWRshoulderF.P.F.P.F.P.

No cornerback included Mike Hughes, Put the team in injured reserves on Friday afternoon.

The good news is that Dolvin Cook Has fully returned to training and has not been given an injury position so he should be ready for Sunday. The bad news is, with Hill Out, Hughes IR, and Cameron Dantsler In the COVID-19 list Viking Looks thin in the cornerback position. But this is the majority of the year so far, isn’t it?

Now, go to the home team.

Green Bay Packers Week 8 Injury Report

PlayerConditionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridaySunday status
PlayerConditionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridaySunday status
Aaron JonesR.P.FleshDNPDNPDNPOut
Kevin KingC.P.QuadDNPDNPDNPOut
David BhaktiyariOTChestLPLPLPQuestionable
Mason CrosbyKLeft calf / backDNPDNPLPQuestionable
Tyler ErwinR.P.Physical illnessDNPLPLPQuestionable
Raven GreenS.ObliqueLPLPLPQuestionable
Tyler LancasterD.T.shoulderLPLPLPQuestionable
John LovettTOKneeLPLPLPQuestionable
Dornell SavageS.QuadLPLPLPQuestionable
Jair AlexanderC.P.Arm / kneeF.P.F.P.F.P.
Cross BornsL.P.Shoulder / ropesLPLPLP
Hunter BradleyL.S.FleshLPLPLP
Ration CarrieL.P.AnkleLPLPLP
Mercedes LewisTOKneeLPDNPLP
Kamal MartinL.P.KneeLPLPLP
Preston SmithL.P.shoulderLPLPLP
To Darius SmithL.P.AnkleLPLPLP
Equivalent St. BrownWRKneeLPLPLP
Robert TonionTOAnkle / KneeLPF.P.F.P.

Aaron Jones Being outside may help the Vikings’ defense a bit, but most of Sunday’s Green Bay damage will be through the air. David Bhaktiyari Being out may be an advantage for the Vikings as well, but I would be very surprised if he is not out for this. Other than that, Green Bay’s questionable players don’t seem to have a lot of bad impact.

They are Vikings and your final injury reports Bakers Sunday afternoon goes by. We will learn more about this for you as we get closer to football.

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