U.C. Berkeley scientists study human waste in sewer for signs of corona virus hotspots: report

What is the latest boob of corona virus outbreaks? University scientists California Berkeley can tell you.

The Scientists Samples of human waste are being collected from sewers in the San Francisco Bay Area Corona virus According to a report, it is very widespread.

Evidence of corona virus infection is largely in waste samples, scientists told Fox 2 in the Bay Area – and they decided it would be more efficient to access samples from sewers than to go home to ask for samples from residents.

The project to detect the corona virus in the sewage will help to communicate the postoperative communication needs

“Wastewater naturally collects the same amount of waste from hundreds to millions of people,” U.C. said. Kara Nelson, chairwoman of the Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Berkeley, told the station.

“So if you can collect and analyze a representative sample of sewage, you can get a lot of information that you can’t get by testing people individually,” he added.

Wastewater agencies from three Bay Area districts are assisting with the project, with a fourth district expected to join soon.

Samples are collected in “sewage sheds” where the effluent from several sewage lines is converted into a single pipe or treatment plant. Scientists can add several thousand to several lakhs of living waste to samples Told Fox 2.

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The DNA in the samples is tested to determine the presence of the corona virus. Berkeley’s Department of Molecular and Biological Biology assists in this process.

U.C. The Berkeley team hopes to share its methods and information with other parts of the United States, helping them to study the rate of epidemics in those areas, Nelson told Fox 2.

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