Tulu police deal with COVID-19 blast; In isolation of 29 employees including the Chief

Chief Mike Tuscan has said that 29 members of the Tulu Police Department are currently being isolated due to exposure to the COVID-19 virus, which he says is being isolated as a precaution.

He noted that most employees who are subject to isolation will never be tested positive for the virus. Since mid-October, there have been 14 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the police department. The Tulu Police Department has 157 officers, 26 civilians, seven parking enforcers and 18 seasonal / part-time employees.

“The increase in COVID-19 cases in our city and state is a challenge to social security,” Tuscan said in a statement Friday afternoon. “We challenge many employers on how to do their job better while keeping their employees safe.”

While the current situation complicates police operations, Tuscan said the department’s “first priority is the health and safety of our employees and the community.”

Tuscan noted that the nature of the work of the police department puts employees at risk. But he gave assurances: “No circumstances, DPT is still in good condition to continue to serve the city safely. Our priority is to have emergency 911 calls and staff to answer.”

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He pointed out that the police department has used a number of strategies and procedures to mitigate the spread of force and community within the community. If virus exposure is suspected, the Police Department uses contact tracking and follows best practices recommended for isolation by disease control and prevention centers and Minnesota health department staff, Tuscan said. Police personnel are ready for quick check services.

“DPD will continue to work diligently to prevent the spread of Govt-19 while we serve the city of Tulutan,” Tuscan said. “We ask for your help in keeping you and all of you safe by following Minnesota health department guidelines, and wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, washing your hands, and staying home if you are not feeling well.”

On Thursday, the News Tribune’s request for information on the number of police personnel infected and / or affected by the corona virus was denied.

“We respect the right to privacy of our employees, and all disclosures come automatically. Therefore, we do not disclose the number of positive cases,” said Ingrid Hornbrook, the department’s public information officer.

This story was edited November 5 at 5:34 pm to add previous information about the story from the previous day. Updated again at 6:20 pm on the same day to add information on the total number of persons working in the Police Department. There was the original article Posted 6:18 pm November 6.

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