Trump has criticized the locks in Europe as the Govt-19 cases are on the rise on the continent and in the United States

“Europe has imposed severe locks and cases are on the rise, deaths are on the rise, but think about it, it’s horrible. Now they have to do it again. What are they doing? I’ll go and explain it to them,” Trump said at a rally in Michigan. “But they are locking up some parts of Europe again.”

The president said only places with severe locks were “doing the worst” in fighting the epidemic.

The United States is also on the rise in cases where at least one new Govt-19 case has been reported in at least 31 states across the country, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Fifteen states reported the highest number of Covid-19 deaths, while the country’s seven daily new daily cases were 78,380 on Saturday – up 128.2% after the September 12 low since the summer.

Trump has been critical of locking measures in the past, It urged governors to lift their restrictions earlier this year, despite warnings from public health experts that they would be re-measured very soon. In an extraordinary move in April, the president called on Michigan residents to “liberate” their state from the controls of the Democratic governor.
During Sunday’s rally, Trump repeatedly made the false claim that he was the Democratic presidential candidate Of Joe Biden The plan for the corona virus lock is to “lock yourself in your home”.

However, Biden did not express any desire for a lock. He said in an interview in August that he would support a lock if scientists said a lock was necessary to deal with the virus crisis.

As Trump slammed the new sanctions in Europe, Dr. Anthony Fucci, America’s leading epidemiologist This weekend the United States identified itself as “completely injured.” As the winter months approach.

In an interview with The Washington Post late on Friday, Fossie told The Washington Post that “all the stars have been aligned in the wrong place” as the country moves into the cold weather – one day the United States set a world record in the most daily cases, surpassing the nation’s 229,000 deaths. “You can’t be positioned any worse.”

CNN’s Maw Reston contributed to this report.

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