Trump calls for virtual G20 summit, Govt-19 talks with world leaders

President Trump Joined first in two virtual encounters with World leaders Part of Saturday coronavirus-throttled G20 Summit – May be the last international meeting of his presidency.

Trump takes credit for Pfizer vaccine development, saying Americans would not have even one without his leadership.

Trump was set to beam Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, From White House The situation room for a meeting chaired by King Salman and attended by 19 leading world leaders Economies. The international response to the epidemic was expected to be at the top of the agenda.

A glorious G20 meeting set in the Saudi capital, full of elaborate greetings and elegant dinners, was sharp Reduced in September Due to poor health crisis.

But the organizers did not abandon the traditional “family photo” of state leaders.

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On the contrary, they are Annual photography He presented the portrait on a wall in Riyadh on Friday night, designing a collection of full-length portraits of leaders – with Trump smiling in the front row.

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