The Utah-Arizona game was canceled the day before the season opener due to COVID-19

Salt Lake City – A day before the start of the 2020 season against Utah in Utah, the game has been canceled due to increased play COVID-19 Cases within the athletic sector.

The The Department of Athletics announced It was reported on Friday afternoon that there had been “many positive COVID-19 cases among student-athletes within the football program” over the past 24 hours, which is “necessary” to cancel the game.

“This decision was made in line with Pac-12’s football cancellation policy because of the low number of scholarship student-athletes available in Utah due to positive lawsuits, resulting in additional football student-athletes being isolated under contact tracking protocols,” the university report said.

“The health and safety of our student-athletes and everything related to our program is our highest priority and we will continue to follow all Pack-12 and local hygiene policies and guidelines.”

Due to limited time, Pack-12 had to play one season, the game will not be created, and both games will only have a maximum of six games this season, and even if the games are not canceled, Utah’s road competition UCLA will be called into question. However, there is no word on whether next week’s game will be played.

The status comes in the news a day later 2,807 positive cases have been reported in Utah Of COVID-19, this is more than 500 cases than the previous record set a week ago. Like many states in the country, Utah has recently seen an increase in cases, with a positive rate of 19.5% of those currently being tested.

This story will be updated.

Josh Furlong

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