The SpaceX Starship passes the standard fire test with three Raptor engines and finally gets the nose angle!

Looks like SpaceX is trying to test the 15km (9.3 miles) hop before Christmas. With two successful 150m (ft 500ft) hops SN5 And SN6 Prototypes, engineers at SpaceX’s Boca Chica launch site in South Texas release SN8 – the first Starship Prototype to keep Three raptor engines. But before SN8 could conduct a high-altitude test flight, engineers were required to conduct a standard fire test.

This test is important to confirm that Starship‘S interior plumbing can handle its cryogenic impulses and is the last milestone before this. Starship Can fly at high altitudes. Evening Tuesday, October 20Th, That’s what they did! At 3:13 a.m. local time (01:13 AM PDT; 04:13 AM EDT), SN8 fired its three raptor engines and fired several seconds straight.

Although SpaceX has not yet released a report about the test, footage was captured near the Mary McConaughe (sister) missile facility on a NASA space flight. OcBocaChicaGal) Would suggest that it was a success. Video of the event (posted below) shows the engine igniting at 2h27m12s after several minutes of venting and burning for several seconds.

By reaching this milestone, the company seems poised to test the historic 15km (9.3 miles) hop test. At this point, it looks like it will happen by the end of October or the beginning of November. While the SN8 was getting its three Raptor engines ready to be tested, another team was busy attaching the nose cone to another part of the facility.

Not the first Starhopper The test vehicle was in active service a Starship The prototype comes with a nose cone. However, this section was soon removed Starhopper Blew with more wind 2019 January. The remainder, the lower part of the single machine, a Connected hop test, Followed by the first free-flight hop test 20 meters (~ 65 ft).

In August 2019, these tests a 150 meters (F 500 ft) Hop test, which will not be repeated after one year by SN5 and SN7 prototype. Since then, the development of SN8 has progressed rapidly, subject to a series of evidence tests (Oct. 6 onwards).Th Until Oct. 8Th) To check its steel propulsion tanks in preparation for its standard fire test.

Added large maneuver folds on the main section and nose cone. The nose cone was then connected by crane to the SN8 fuse on Thursday (Oct. 22)nd), An event seen by many viewers who took pictures and scenes. Timeless video of the stacking process recorded above AbLabPadre, Made using them 24 hour live broadcast Of the Boca Chica launch facility.

With the nose cone and folds installed, the vehicle now looks finalized Starship Design for the first time. Combining its three engines, nose cone and maneuverability, the SN8 is poised to test its 15km (9.3 miles) hop, including “Belly-failure”The maneuver will test its ability to return to its landing site using only its maneuver surfaces.

According to Musk’s past reports, SpaceX hopes to test a sorbitol hop at an occasional 200 km (~ 125 mi) altitude next year. For this final test, the Starship Equipped with six Raptor engines – three optimal for sea level propulsion and three for space vacuum. The company is busy working Super Heavy Element of the launch system, which contains no less than 28 raptor engines.

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