The Ninja-led charity is donating M 1M to four Fall Guys skins

Four skins will join soon Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock Out, Million 1 million raised for charity in developer mediatonic campaign Blood Thirst # Brands Dry For a good reason.

Thirsty Mongers G2 Sports and Aim Lab have teamed up with YouTube philanthropist-stuntman Jimmy “Mr. Beast ”Donaldson and world-famous streamer Tyler“ Ninja ”Flevins for delivering the seven-point“ effort ”they won at the end of a two-week financial campaign.

Looks like the Ninja and Aim Lab that existed before this Mr. Joined forces on the Beast, Was able to collaborate with him and the G2 instead. Picture not taken: Titus producer Tushi on August 19th Pushed its determination For 20 420,069.69 to briefly defeat the Ninja United Alliance. (I.e. no bean with a t-shirt saying “Ask me about my skin”, alas.)

Representative of Delover Digital, Fall Guys’ Polygon confirmed publisher that skins representing all four participants will soon be added to the game. We have approached a representative for Ninja to see if there are any final leather designs to share, and are asking for a breakdown of who owns the overall overall.

Beneficiary of the donation Special effect, A philanthropic organization based in the United Kingdom that allows people with disabilities to access, install and use custom devices so they can enjoy video games as well. Thanks to the introduction of the Xbox Adaptive Controller and charities, the special effect has recently attracted a lot of attention. Collaboration with Logitech In the toolkit that improves it.

Fall guys Launched on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in August, it is a free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers that month. This helped the Royal of War to become the latest sport now More than 1.5 million players Within 24 hours of launch.

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