The Michigan man who accidentally bought an extra lottery ticket won two $ 1M prizes

A Michigan man is 2 million rich after accidentally buying an extra mega million lottery ticket.

Samir Masaheim, 56, of Dearborn Heights, considered buying an online ticket for the June 9 map so he could play his family’s birthday – 01-05-09-10-23.

After realizing that he forgot to save the numbers as favorites to run them in the future, Masahem signed into the Michigan Lottery app to save them.

“What I don’t realize is that I will buy a second ticket with the same number,” he said Michigan Lottery. “Once I found out I bought two tickets with the same numbers, I stumbled a little, but didn’t think much about it.”

Masahem said he logged into the app to check some of the tickets he had recently purchased and found that he had two tickets, each worth $ 1 million, pending.

The Michigan Lottery allows tickets to be claimed for up to one year from the date of drawing.

“It’s a flaw to say I was shocked,” he said. “I can not believe it’s true. It took several days for the truth to come out that my mistake was compensated for $ 2 million.”

Masahem has claimed his successes and said he plans to buy a house and save the rest.

“Succeeding is exciting and when I retire, knowing that I will have money in the bank gives me some comfort,” he said.

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