‘The Crown’ trailer depicts the tension between Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles

Netflix New full-length trailer for Season 4 of the award-winning series has been dropped. “Crown. “

Teaser fans watching Gillian Anderson Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Olivia goes upside down with Coleman Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Philip, played by the Queen’s husband, Tobias Menzies, refers to two women in positions of power in the United Kingdom as “the two women who run the show – this is the last thing this country needs”.

“Perhaps this is what this country needs,” the Queen replies.

‘The Crown’ introduces Prince Diana, announcing premiere date on new teaser

Fans look even deeper into the Queen’s tumultuous relationship with her son Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) and his wife. Princess Diana (Emma Goren).

“Everything I want is to be loved. This is what any of us wants from you, “Diana told the Queen.

‘The Crown’ casts Elizabeth Debbie to play Prince Diana in last two seasons

Charles yells at his mother, “What does one have to do to get some kind of favor in this family?”

Princess Diana (Emma Corinne) and Prince Charles (Josh O'Connor)

Princess Diana (Emma Corinne) and Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor)

Season 4 takes place in the late 1970s as tensions arose between Thatcher and the Queen over the Prime Minister’s decision to lead the country to the Falklands War.

Prince Charles Says ‘Friends Should Have Diana’, ‘The Crown’ Star Josh O’Connor

Meanwhile, Charles, a 30-year-old and still unmarried woman, meets Lady Diana, who “delivers the much-needed fairy tale to unite the British people. Behind closed doors, the royal family is increasingly divided,” a statement said.

“The Crown” Season 4 premieres on Netflix on Sunday, November 15th.

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