The Chargers finalize the rosters at the end of the Rams season

It was a different summer at NFL training camps – and a different season Hard Knox – But some things never change.

This is the last weekend before the start of the regular season, which means the final list cuts across football. Each team has to go down the list of 53, with an additional 16 places allocated to the training team (increased six openings from previous years due to COVID-19 concerns). As usual, Hard Knox Introduced us to a few roster longshots on both the Rams and the Chargers.

Over the years, we have seen at least one player overcome the odds to make his dream of making the NFL list come true. So consider this very much in the brand for 2020, there is no specification this season Hard Knox The cut at the end of the season on Tuesday survived the weekend. Should we combine this with a summer without a seasonal schedule, a fact that robs us of unprepared free agents and late rounds, taking a big step to sell themselves? It probably didn’t help.

According to Chargers conditioning coach John Lott, Darius Bradwell, who came to camp like an “ice cream man”, fell down, but the call came from The Turk. Timothy Brighton Fehoko (haga dancer) got the worst phone call in football. Rams longshots Juju Hughes (Mr. Toothpick), Dante Dion (skinny smiling guy) and Brett Bowrey’s favorite try-hard-line player Clay Johnston were also asked to return to their digital blogs.

“I pulled my nuts,” Johnston explains. “It’s a blast.”

The Longshots each accepted invitations to join their respective training teams – a team that hired both his father and his former coach Matt Rule at Baylor, with the exception of Johnston, who wanted to join the Panthers’ training team.

The sad story of the final is attributed to Chargers star defender Dervin James, who started talking to Keenan Allen about having a great season since owning his own shoe, and left the field after a season ended. Knee injury.

Hard Knox It shows how low, practically unrelated injury stunned team players and coaches. The unidentified charger said, “No! No!” When James falls to the ground. “You’re straight, bro?” Melvin Ingram asks. “Did you get a seizure?” It was the noise of a team involved trying to make the situation less serious.

“Every agent with job security has called in the last 48 hours,” says General Manager Tom Telesco.

Unfortunately for the Chargers, it doesn’t replace a player like Dervin James. You can hear it when Anthony Lynn is on the phone from his office. “Our security has been reduced.” It is not necessary to identify what protection he refers to. James is a type of contract.

No one is going to feel bad for the chargers. “Next Man Up” and all that. We learned over the past five Tuesdays that this team has professional leadership with Lin, and now it is the job of the head coach to convince the Bolts that they have a Super Bowl ceiling even without the biggest star.

No team achieves pride without retaining some hard plates along the way.

– Man, James hurt Such as A bummer. We all knew this was coming during the finals, and that knowledge made it very painful for James to dominate practically at all levels. If James returns to action as expected next September, he will miss 27 of his last 32 games. This is some slow work of the football gods.

– Congratulations to your officer Anthony Lynn Hard Knox: Los Angeles MVP! Lynn had the virtual trophy in the bag that entered the finals, but when he gave that honest and heartfelt talk with Bradwell he dismissed any question, as a young player Lynn – a former unplanned pushing himself back – needed a chance to need guidance. How can any player look and not want to play for Lin this season? Chargers hit someone special.

– Meanwhile, Sean McVeigh was a bit quiet Hard Knox This is the debut this summer. I have a theory that he decided to quit when he took off his shirt at the premiere and pretended that his dog could do pool tricks. Never came back from it.

– some times Hard Knox Player-works-out-alone-dawn / twilight feels like a montage pose (see: Watt, JJ) and sometimes it … well … no. Tyrot Taylor’s pre-dawn training in the latter section. Taylor is not the most talented starting quarterback in the league, but he has a reason to get a third chance to start for a team in his 10 years in the league. He works his ass, communicates well with his coaches and team members, and sets an example that others can follow. It will play.

– It was weird that the name “Philip Rivers” did not appear even once in five episodes.

– With that, we close the coverage of the 15th season Hard Knox At This is another episode that will be especially memorable due to the COVID-19 storylines and last week’s powerful social justice episode, which will be the best of the series. Click here to access Hard Knox: Los Angeles Spotify playlist, I heal every year with the love and enthusiasm of a romantic high school freshman.

Let’s do this again in 2021 – preferably without masks.

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