The charged photo of the Airports 3 parts shows the Airports Pro-inspired design

As rumors of third-generation airplanes have recently surfaced on the web, we now have additional evidence that Apple is working on updated models for its popular wireless earphones. 52 Audio He has now shared a picture with what they claim to be parts of the new “Airboats 3” with a design very similar to the Airboats Pro.

This report was shared by a Japanese blog மகோடகர First look at third generation airboats. The picture shows the top of Apple’s wireless earphones and the cover of its charging case.

Without further ado, the picture confirms Bloombergs Recent Report In the upcoming new airboats models. It suggests that Apple is working on two new airports, including third-generation airports, to turn the current second-generation into a cheaper model.

The design of the updated entry-level airboats is similar to the current Airboats Pro, which gets shorter shaft and interchangeable ear tips. Apple is also looking to improve battery life.

Although the design is similar to the Airbots Pro, the new Airbus 3 does not have advanced features such as active noise cancellation. The company also operates the updated Airports Pro with a smaller, circular shape.

It is unclear when the company will release these new Airboats models, but Bloomberg says Apple will not launch them in 2020.

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