Take a look at the driving visuals for Tesla’s new UI and FST beta

Tesla has begun releasing the software version 2020.40.8.12 for users of its limited full self-driving beta, and EV. Based on community observations, it seems that the update will include a new UI that is optimized for the operation of the FSD package. This is evident in the large area of ​​the US for FSD’s driving visuals, as well as in its smooth, vector driving paths, objects and roads.

Images of Tesla’s new UI are shared by a limited FSD beta user Tesla Raj, Appeared to be one of the first Model 3 owners to receive the update. As noted by the Tesla enthusiast, the large space reserved for display is immediately noticeable. This is quite astonishing when the vehicle is in the park because the Tesla incarnation on display is now considerably larger and more elaborately available. The animation is now smoother when the stem, frank and doors are open.

Changes to Tesla’s UI will affect the layout of the central display. The area for the map has been reduced as a larger space is allocated for the driving display. The Tesla “T” logo above the display was also removed. It is questionable whether this will be popular among Tesla owners, however it is clear that this change has been made Emerging functions of the entire self-driving package. Tesla explained in its release notes for 2020.40.8.12.

Driving visualization improvements

Driving visualization has been improved to better support full self-driving capabilities by increasing the display size to display additional information around. If the navigation method list is closed by another application, the next method will now appear above the display.

With larger visualization, the selected items are slightly moved, but consistently identical. Some notable differences include:

  • Moved the bottom bar for quick access to the backup camera and wipers.
  • The automatic pilot set speed is now displayed directly below the speedometer and can be adjusted continuously using the appropriate steering wheel scroll wheel. The speed will turn blue when the autopilot is engaged.

The whole interesting thing is that the upgrades introduced to the full self-driving beta are coming at an incredible pace. Since the members of the defined FSD beta came out a week ago, the capabilities of the system have already begun to reveal additional refinements. Noticed this Tesla owners Silicon Fence The team asked how the new update and UI can improve the actual performance of the FSD on the road. In response, Musk said the update would lead to fewer interventions.

“We are primarily measuring this in the probability of an intervention. This update marked a number of issues, resulting in less than ~ 1/3 of interventions.

In more detail, Musk explained that as full self-driving improves, the errors experienced by the system will be significantly reduced. The CEO explained that although the FSD’s errors are never zero, there is a point when the probability of its errors is less than the average human driver. Kasturi added Updates to limited FSD beta New upgrades are made every 5 to 10 days.

Take a first look at Tesla’s new UI and driver displays in the video below.

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