Switch emulator adds online support, then loses U-turn double-quick in embarrassment

Nintendo Switch© Nintendo

This week, the development team behind Switch Emulator Yusu added support for online multiplayer. However, a week later, the function was removed from the prototype – for no apparent reason by the developers.

The following message a Prototype related blog:

We have removed online support from Yusu indefinitely and regret to report that it will be effective immediately. We apologize to our community for the confusion and frustration surrounding this release, especially to those who have tried this feature.

We have received valid and intelligent feedback from our fans and members of the wider switch and emulation communities. Honestly, we were all a bunch of enthusiasts from all over the world, and we were really excited about something we thought we could offer. We understand your concerns 100%.

As always, we will continue to work on other features and improvements in Usu, which will become the best role model we can be. Thank you to everyone who continued to support us, provided us with feedback and was open to a constructive discussion on this topic. Now, as always, we value your feedback.

As you can see, the action was not given for any reason, however கோட்டாக்கு This suggests that it may be below the heat that the creators of the prototype have received to run a feature Preservation Homebrew et al about avoiding paying any money to Nintendo (or its third-party partners) to enjoy switch titles.

However, Kottaku Further Since the online game is only available for payment to Patron supporters, Yusu goes from a freely distributed code to a paid service – which is certain in the eyes of Nintendo’s legal team.

Whatever the reason, it’s very embarrassing for Yusu’s creators.

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